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Steel purlin is necessary for steel buildings or modern infrastructure projects.

Steel purlin is necessary elements for steel architecture, steel structural engineering, or steel building. Furthermore, steel purlin is not applied for buildings only, but also many other infrastructure projects. This makes steel purlin roll forming machine a very important roll forming equipment.

The common steel purlins in the market are like C purlins, Z purlins, U purlins, Sigma purlins and so on. Possibly some people call them C channels, z channels, u channels, sigma channels and unistrut channels etc. These steel purlins or steel channels have been manufactured by roll forming machines out of galvanized steel, cold rolled steel or mild steel.

Brief Introduction of the STEEL PURLIN:

c and z steel purlinsA standard purlin, is a horizontal beam along the length of roof, resting on principles and supporting the common rafters and sheets. In steel construction projects, the term Purlin typically refers to roof frame members that span parallel to the building  ridge, and support the roof sheet or steel deck.  Metal building system commonly use C Purlin, and sometimes Z Purlin to allow flexural continuity between span.

unistrut channelsHowever,  steel purlins may work better than other elements in some infrastructure projects than just buildings. For example in photovoltaic projects, the c shaped channels, or known as unistrut channels, are the first choice for contractors. In highway projects, W shaped guard rails are the most important elements, and some people call them W purlins.

Standard sizes of the C and Z purlin or channel vary from 80mm to 300mm, and thickness from 1.5-3mm. Some other sizes or thickness are also available for special usage. The most common roll forming machine is the quick-change C/Z purlin roll forming machine that can make both C/Z steel purlins on one machine, but not at the same time. The C/Z STEEL PURLINS usually have punching holes on web or flanges. For some other owners, they prefer to run separate C Purlin roll forming machine and Z purlin roll forming machine to produce C and Z purlins at the same time.

Types of different Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

At the moment, MTC has developed series of Steel Purlin Forming Machine for different applications.

  • Traditional design: Manual adjust the spacers and replace the cutoff blade. The changeover time for sizes is around 3 hours.
z purlin roll forming machine
Traditional design steel purlin roll forming machine, adjust and change cutoff blade manually
  • Pre-Cutoff design: Manual adjust the spacers with no need to change the cutoff blade. The changeover time is around 2.5 hours, a little less than the traditional one. but the ends of the Purlins will be a bit deformed.

    Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine
    steel purlin machine roll forming
  • Quick-change design: The machine will change the web sizes and flange sizes automatically according to the sizes input on the control. Manual adjustment from C to Z shape, and manual change on universal cutoff die. The Changeover Time is only 2 minutes.

    C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine layout
    Quick interchangeable C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, the integrated technology.

So far, MTC has designed hundreds of steel purlin roll forming machines. There are traditional C/Z purlin roll forming machines, and customized steel purlins roll former as well.  You may contact MTC if you need a steel purlin roll forming machine for your projects.

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