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Metal Embossing Machine

A metal sheet embossing machine line is always required for the production of raised or sunken designs or relief in sheet metal continuously from unrolling or uncoiling, embossing and recoiling.

Metal sheet embossing is a stamping process to produce various designed patterns in sheet metal by passing the sheet in roll or a strip of metal between rolls of the desired patterns. Metal sheet or steel coil is fed into the male and female roller dies on a sheet metal embosser so that a pattern or a design will be engraved on the metal sheet.

Metal Sheet Embossing Applications

The applications of embossing are widely used in the industries of windows, doors, furniture, offices, buildings, automotives, cold roll formed steel bar, ventilation duct sheets and more.
Appliance Panels
Embossment increases the strength of metral sheets and so people will always use embossed metal sheets when theyt apply stronger metal sheet panels.
Building Products
In building applications, decoration project is the indispensable process. For some steel buildings, people will add some embossed patterns for decorative purpose.
Elevator Panels
Embossed panels are ofter used as elevator panels because during selection of elvators panels, it is very important to to consider their antiskid effect.
Metal Office Furniture
There are always decoration requirement for metal office furniture manufacturing, and this will apply embossed metal sheets with different decorative embossed patterns.
Automotive Trim
Decoration for automotives always has higher standard and different requirements. Embossed automotive trim is a usual and regular selection.

Metal Sheet Embossing Machine Advantages

Thickness adjustable
Maintain thickness and shape of product before and after
High Efficiency
Efficient for medium to high production jobs
Unlimited embossed patterns
Any customised embossed patterns can be produced.
Long-term durability
Reproduce with no variation
Quick-change patterns
Change only embossing rolls will change a different patterns
Great accuracy
Metal embossing technique is unbelievably detailed and composite
Embossed patterns can be customized to customers

Brief Introduction of metal sheet embossing machine

Different designed patterns can be embossed by changing the designing of roller dies on the embossing machine. A metal sheet embosser produce the patterns on each every fed piece of metal sheets, and a whole metal sheet embossing machine line can produce designed patterns continuously on uncoiled or unrolled metal sheet and after the embossing process, the embossed metal sheet will be re-rolled or re-coiled for other purposes.

In all sheet metal embosser we design and build, the upper roll blocks are stationary, while the bottom roll blocks are adjustable up and down for the feeding of different thickness materials. Depends on different purposes, there will be two options for customers to produce various patterns on metal sheets: an individual Sheet Metal Embosser and a continuous Metal Sheet Embossing Machine Line which consists of a decoiler (most of time Hydraulic Decoiler), a sheet metal embosser, a recoiler (the same as decoiler), and control system.

Technical Specifications

Material: GI/PPGI/PPGA
Thickness of Material: 0.3mm-2mm;
Coil Width: 500-1250mm;
Coil Weight: 5 Tons;
Working speed: 15-20m/min;
Material of Rollers: 42CrMO alloy steel;
Hardness of Roller: HRC58-60;
Roller Size: 300mmx1250mm (subject to final designing);
Main Power: 7.5KW;
Depth of Patterns: Adjustable;
PLC Control: Mitsubishi of Japan;
Embossed patterns: 20+ standard patterns available and unlimited customised patterns
PLC Control Box:700mmx1000mmx300mm;
Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder;
Standard Electricity Demand: 380V/50/60HZ/3phase (a transformer will be required for different input Voltage);
“MTC produced much sophisticated metal embossing machines for external walls decoration of our shopping mall project. Complicated as our required patterns are, these embossing machines get them all! Gorgeous equipment. ”

MTC takes every business serious.

Auxiliary equipment is relatively not as big as the whole roll forming line or insulated sandwich panel production line. It can be just a small separate part of the above lines, like the decoiler, auto stacker and embossing machines. Small as it is, in some occassions, auxiliary equipment is indispensable to the whole production.

Taking metal embossing machine for example. Metal sheet embossing is a stamping process to produce various designed patterns in sheet metal by passing the sheet in roll or a strip of metal between rolls of the desired patterns. Metal embossing machine is an equipment which produced required patterns (raised or sunken designs or relief) in sheet metal. For a building decorative project where embossed patterns are required, metal embossing machine is the best option.

Not only we produce auxiliary equipment for our own manufactured roll forming lines and PU insulated sandwich panel production lines, we can also produce it for your existing lines. No matter how small the equipment is, we take every production serious.

Related Auxiliary Equipment​

Most of time, some auxiliary equipment are necessary for roll former and sandwich panel line, for example, metal embossing machine, hydraulic decoiler (5TONS, 10TONS with a coil car), and a hydraulic curving machine etc.
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