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Why is metal Studs and Track the first option for light-gauge buildings?

Nowadays people use galvanized steel to produce metal studs and track via roll forming machines. However, at the very begining, wood or timber is the only option for contractors to choose as studs and track. Therefore, we are looking into some reasons why metal kicks out wooden?

General Introduction of Metal Studs and Track

Rollformed galvanised steel studs and track can well meet the needs for lightweight, strong and versatile steel wall framing building.

metal stud and track
rollformed studs and track
  •  Different from wood, metal studs and track can work well in fire and sound rated situations up to a height of 7.2 meters.  For example, we prefer to use slotted track to achiev head-of-wall deflection and fire resistance for interior and exterior walls.
  • Metal stud and track are produced from roll forming machine continuously and automatically. Wooden studs and track, obviously, has to be made manually or semi-automatically.
  • Compared with wooden studs and track, steel studs and tracks are more durable, lighter weight and sizes are actually more varied than wood sizes.
  • Rollformed studs and track cannot only work as ceiling, but also as the wall systems (known as drywall).

Briefly,  there are three systems available for metal studs and drywall.

  • Complete structural and non structural system with all ceiling types that includes Drywall and Insulation.
  • Non structural wall system that includes Drywall and Insulation.
  • Auto system that is suitable for very quick TI and remodeler work. This system does wall and one type of ceiling framing.

Features of Metal Studs and Tracks

  • Fire-rated deflection system
  • UL Classified in over 80 approved fire-rated systems
  • Standard Slotted Track allows up to 1½” of vertical movement
  • Custom shapes and slot sizes available
  • Custom widths and thicknesses available
  • Positive attachment provided for wall strength
  • Absorbs head-of-wall and floor extension or compression movement
  • Integrated with traditional wall systems
  • Easy installation reduces labor costs

Equipment that manufactures Metal Studs and Tracks from galvanised steel:

Both roll forming machine or roll formers MTC designs can produce metal studs and tracks completely automatically. With PLC control system and encoder, we can produce the studs and tracks out of galvanised steel in any lengths. Furthermore, by a two-in-one roll forming machine, extra ceiling battens or roof trusses can be manufactured as well.

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