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Production of a Quick-change C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine is completed.

MTC completed the prodouction of an interchangeable c/z purlin roll forming machine (known as automatic c/z purlin quick change roll forming machine also) which produces both C and Z steel purlins in different sizes without changing anything.

This interchangeable c/z purlin roll forming machine is controled through PLC computer system, including roll forming, punching, cutting, and widths adjustment on roll former and cutter. Hydraulic type transmission  is applied on this roll forming machine and the hydraulic station or pump will provide power for roll forming, punching, and cutting.

automatic c&z purlin roll forming machine

This c/z steel purlin quick-change roll forming machine can produce C&Z Profiles only by simple stepless adjustment without requiring changing rollers. The c/z purlin quick-change roll forming machine works automatically, with the steel sheets punched cut and roll formed exactly according to the length, quantities, punched holes and holes distance that the clients set on PLC Control cabinet.

General introduction of the interchangeable c and z purlin roll forming machine:

  • This roll forming machine could produce both C and Z purlins of difference sizes automatically;
  • It takes 10-20 minutes to change the production of C to Z;
  • The sizes for C steel purlin or Z steel purlin can be adjusted automatically without changing anything;
  • No need to change cutters for different sizes of C or Z steel purlins, because cutter is adjustable as well;
  • Punching tools are assembled the rear of this interchangeable c/z purlin roll forming machine and the holes distance is also adjustable;
  • The hydraulic transmission system is applied on this interchangeable c/z steel purlin roll forming machine in order to achieve for stable runing or production state;
  • All the operation or action can be done through the PLC control system, except only for the simple changing from C to Z;
  • This c/z purlin interchangeable roll forming machine is driven hydraulica motor so that the final c and z purlins would be more accurate;
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