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Z Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Z steel purlin roll forming machine works in the same principle as a c purlin roll forming machine does for producing steel purlins for metal building systems, only the purlins’ shapes make difference. Z steel purlins produced by a z steel purlin roll forming machine can be used for a variety of applications, but 90% for steel structural building system, and 10% for other usages (some people use z steel purlins as the supporting clip inside sandwich panels, while some others put z steel purlins on a samples racks etc).

As long as we build a steel structural building, Zed shaped section channels as well as Cee shaped section channels (more at c steel purlin roll forming machine) always come to the mind of architects. However, there are different situations about which ones to choose, Cee steel purlins or Zed steel purlins. Please check our article about the brief introduction of the difference between C purlins and Z purlins (IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE FOR THE APPLICATION OF C AND Z STEEL PURLINS?).
z steel purlin roll forming machine

Brief Introduction of Z Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine

A regular z steel purlin roll forming machine produces 2-3mm thickness z shaped section channels with punched holes on Z purlin webs and flanges. And then we developed light-gauge z purlin roll forming machine for producing Z shaped racks inside the sandwich panels, and only holes on z channel webs. Both light gauges and high gauge z steel purlins are usually made out of hot-dip galvanized steel or cold rolled steel.

Like a c purlin roll forming machine, z channel roll forming machine can also produce Z sectional channels of different sizes, but the change to make a different size z purlin is manual. Clients will have to change spacers installed between rolling tools manually, as well as the cutting dies.

Nowadays, there are c/z purlin roll forming machines which automatic change the sizes of C and Z steel purlins quickly (more at interchangeable c/z purlin roll forming machine).

The Z shaped channel roll forming machine is a cost-saving solution for steel purlin production. With its efficient and automated operation, it reduces labor costs by eliminating the need for manual labor in the purlin manufacturing process. The machine’s high-speed production capabilities also enhance productivity, resulting in shorter production cycles and increased output.

Additionally, its precision and accuracy in forming Z steel purlins minimize material waste, leading to significant cost savings. The machine’s durable construction ensures long-term reliability and minimizes maintenance expenses.

By streamlining the production process, reducing labor requirements, optimizing material usage, and ensuring longevity, the Z sectional channel roll forming machine offers a cost-effective solution for businesses in the steel construction industry.

Technical Specifications of Steel Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

  • Decoiler: manual decoiler;
  • Capacity of decoiler: 5 TONS;
  • ID. of decoiler: 480-520mm;
  • OD. of decoiler: 1250mm;
  • Raw material: Q235 Galvanized steel coil or Cold rolled steel;
  • Yield strength of raw materials: 235MPA-345MPA;
  • Material thickness: 2-3.2mm;
  • Forming stations: 13-15 stations;
  • Rolling stands structure: conjoint type;
  • Machine Frame stand: Welded structural steel;
  • Thickmess of Fame Steel: 18mm;
  • Roll forming speed: 0-12m/min (not including punching and cutting);
  • Material of Roller: Gcr15 bearing steel;
  • Shaft Material: High grade 45# steel;
  • Diameter of shafts: 80mm;
  • Motor Power: 15 KW;
  • Hydraulic punching: Stop to punch;
  • Material of punching dies: Cr12MoV steel;
  • Cutter: hydraulic cutter and stop to cut;
  • Material of cutting dies: Cr12 steel;
  • Hydraulic power for cutting: 7.5KW;
  • Cutting lengths and quantities: Client can set various on HMI;
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder;
Z Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine,Z Channel Roll Forming Machine

Designed for precision and efficiency, our z steel purlin roll forming machine allows you to manufacture top-quality Z-shaped channels with advanced roll forming technology, and ensures accurate shaping, consistent profiles, and tight tolerances for superior results. Choose our Z steel purlin roll forming machine and unlock new possibilities for your manufacturing business.

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“You’ve made such a great roll forming equipment that helps me complete my projects so much faster and easier. ”

We make things easy for projects.

Roll forming machine usually is always our first choice as long as we need to produce metal sheet or steel section products. A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc.

Roll forming machines have so many advantages over press brake and shearing machines! With rollforming equipment, we can save much more time, working area, money as well as labors.

There are numourous applications where we need a roll forming machine. For example, we need roll forming machines to produce metal roofing and wall/siding. We must use decking roll forming machines to produce metal or steel decking for roofing and floor. Guardrail roll forming machines are used for producing crash barriers or guard rails on highway construction. Besides, we can find in the markets c/z steel purlin roll forming machines, top hat purlin roll formers; stud and track roll former for light weight steel buildings; down pipe roll forming machines and roll forming machines for door products etc.

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C and Z steel purlins are necessary for the modern steel industrial buildings, and some residential building as well, and various kinds of c/z purlin roll forming machines have been developed to produce C/Z/U steel purlins.
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