What a roll forming machine can produce?

Rollforming brings profound significance to this planet. There are a variety of roll forming applications where innovation of roll forming technology saves drastically human labours, peoples’ extensive demands to natural resources and greatly improves human’s productivity.  
roll forming applications
Simple Roll Forming
This type of roll forming applications produce single metal sheets which are usually applied as roofing and wall cladding sheets, and sometimes floor decking.
Roll forming with Punching/Embossing
Roll forming with punching options has much more varieties of applications, steel purlins, stud & track, cable tray, guardrails, and some decking sheets etc.
Inline Roll forming
Inline roll forming applications can produce many sophisticated metal prdoucts. Before or after roll forming, there usually are other processing methods continuous done on the products.

Industries We Serve!

In this world of modern business aspects, high precision and quality is an important thing. When it comes to industries which are metal based, roll forming machine equipment has become an integral part. Most of time roll forming applications are the best choice in the metal-related industries due to the quality of products manufactured from the roll former. Therefore, it’s important for us to know more about the roll forming applications.  

Thanks to the automation or continuous running, a roll forming machine cannot only provides high quality products, but also decreases the human labour, time and increases the profit of business. Compared to regular metal fabrication equipment, like sheet metal press brake, metal sheet shearing machine, press machine, and straightening machine etc, a roll former line usually can do all the jobs, like bending, cutting, pressing for holes, straightening and even stacking, suitable for all kinds of roll forming applications.

Application-1: Aviation Industry

Stiffeners for fuselage
Seat rails and many others

Application-2: Automotive Industry

Car door frames
Seat rails
Bumper reinforcement
Crash bars (tubes)
Exhaust pipes

Application-3: Construction and Building Industry

Hollow elevator guide rails
Cable tray / ladders
Roofing / decking
Purlins/Stud and tracks
Doors / windows

Application-4: Oil and Gas Industry

Deep sea oil extraction flexible tubes
Transportation pipes

Application-5: Storage Industry

Display shelves
Storage racks

What a PU Insulated Metal Carving Panel Line can produce?

Our PU insulated metal carving panel production line makes PU sandwich panels with surfaced embossed or pre-printed with sorts of decorative patterns which imitate the traditional building materials. The panels produced from our PU insulated metal carving decorative panel production line can be used as both external wall siding panels and internal siding panels which offer multfications of wall decoration and heat-insulation for buildings.

External PU Wall Siding Panel

Both embossed and preprinted patterns are available.

Internal PU Wall Siding Panel

Pure-flat design with pre-printed decorative patterns.

PU Insulated metal carving decorative wall panel applys on below buildings


PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panels can be used as decorative materials for both internal and external walls, and furthermore the panels can work as thermal insulation or heat preservation materials which save you a lot from energy consumption. In one word, PU insulation and decoration metal carving panels make your home more beautiful and warmer.

Commercial Building

For wall decoration and heat insulation project of a commecial building, it’s quite important to show a beautiful appearance and meanwhile make consumers feel comfortable. On the other hand, the project must be done in short time and in economic way. PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panel is a perfect choose because it can satisfy all these requirments.

Sentry Boxes

A traditional sentry box is a simple and small portable building or shelter in which a sentry or person on guard duty may stand to be sheltered from the weather. Now, the modern sentry boxes are much bigger now where we can find AC conditioner, chairs and desks etc. Many boxes are decorated with PU insulated metal carving decorative panels considering energy saving.

Prefab Houses

Prefab or prefabricated houses are also known as mobile houses, manufactured houses, and modular houses. All these structures are built off site (often in a centralized factory or warehouse setting) and assembled on your property. Prefab houses are a faster and more affordable option with PU insulated metal wall panels installed for housing compared to a traditionally constructed home.

Portable Public Toilets

Portable public toilets are outdoor mobile public toilets. They can be transported to other places when the current locations don’t need. Usually portable public toilets are placed at scenic areas and squares, so they must be clean, and look nice for tourists and easy to install. PU insulated metal carving decorative panels can save much time and labor costs in installation and decorate them.

Prefab/Box Substations

Prefabricated or box substations is building in which generators are placed so that they can be installed outdoor. Both external and internal walls of box substations can be installed with PU insulated metal carving panels for the purpose of decoration and heat insulation. It is very important for generators to work outdoor sheltered from the bitter cold or torried heat weather.
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