crash barrier roll forming machines
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Top 10 Metal Roll Formers: Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machines are necessary equipment in metal fabrication industries. Therefore,  for highway construction, we alway see  another one of top 10 metal roll formers, crash barrier roll forming machines.

For highway construction, safety is the first priority and people rely a lot on the crach barriers. We know crash barriers as guardrails or guard rails as well.

There are two types of crash barriers for the applications. 2 Wave or W shaped guard rails, and 3 Wave guard rails or Thrie beams. These two shaped crash barriers are almost the same for the highway construction worldwide, except for some minor difference.

However, there are also different guard rails or road beam used in the market for some specific requirements. If you happend to need a customised crash barriers, please send your drawing to us so that we can make a proper offer for you.


Different guardrails or crash barriers comes from different crash barrier roll forming machines. There are chain-transmission crash barrier roll forming machine and gear-box transmissioned machine as well. MTC is specialized in designing and building crash barrier roll forming machines with both transmission methods, but we do recommend gear-box transmission for highway guardrail roll forming machine to ensure more stable production.

highway guardrail roll forming machine

MTC has too much experience making crash barrier roll forming machines for producing BOTH 2 wave and thrie-beam guardrail roll forming machines as well. Besides, we also built a few interchangeable 2 & 3 wave crash barrier roll forming machine.

crash barrier roll forming machines

With an interchangeable roll forming machine, you can produce both 2 wave and 3 wave guardrails on one machine without replacing any rolling tools. In addition, it saves money as well as floor space compared to buying two machines.

The whole line consists of decoiling, feeding unit, punching unit, roll forming unit, transmission unit, cutting unit, hydraulic unit and PLC control unit.  Furthermore, with the PLC control system, we can produce the highway guardrails fully automatically.

Brief specifications of Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

  • Decoiler: 8 Ton Capacity
  • Forming Stations: 15-18 stations
  • Roller Material: GCR 15 bearing steel quenched and tempered to HRD 58-62°
  • Shaft Material: 90mm with heat treatment
  • Main Motor Power: 22KW/30KW
  • Hydraulic Power: 18.5KW
  • Line Speed: 0-12m/min including punch and cutting
  • Cutoff Blade Material: CR12 MOV
  • Control system: Panasonic/Siemens PLC with Yaskawa Invter and Omeron encoder
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