Professional Manufacturer of Roll Formers and PU Insulated Metal Carving Wall Panel Production Line

Established in the year 2012, MTC owns production facility that covers 6000 square meters workshop with 38 employees and a 5-engineer team to focus on the innovation of metal processing machinery.

Our production facility is designed with annual production capacity of 200 sets of roll forming machines and 20 sets of PU insulated metal carving decorative wall sandwich panel production lines, and 120sets of metal embossing machines. We have exported our machines to over 30 Countries all around the world.

MTC holds CE certificate which is necessary for Eruopean markets and applys UL and CSA approved motors for all machinery exported to North American markets. Besides, we provide 2 years warranty for our equipment so that customers’ benefits can be well ensured.

We help you to get the right equipment you need

Design and Build MachineryWe design and build machinery to make the products exactly as per requested and quoted proposal.
Easy ProductionAll machines will be tested 100% functional before delivery, and only wire-connection when machine arrived will make it work.
Customer CareWe care needs from every customer. Prompt response will be given within 24 hours.
Experience, Consistance and Confidence make perfect job.
10+ Years experience in roll forming machines and insulated sandwich panel production lines designing and manufacturing.
Advanced designing software and machining equipment.
 Premium Quality of Products
Customized Solution for our customers
Active Users
Advanced Designing Software!

MTC applies the most advanced designing software, like COPRA®,AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS in order to ensure the accuracy of the forming rollers. Thanks to the modern technology, we can simulate the forming process and optimization of roll forming tooling! Besides, we are looking forward to working with international engineers so as to build cold roll formers and PU sandwich panel production lines with unique technology.

Communciating with the world!

MTC has shipped its designed roll forming machine equipment all over the world. As a result it has established long-run business relationship with many esteemed international companies under mutual benefits!  Because all technical requirements about the machinery have been greatly satisfied, our metal roll forming equipment and insulated sandwich panel production line would manufacture exquisite final products as per industry standard in the international markets.

Preminum quality from Fine Machining

MTC has its own workshop for rough machining and CNC fine machining.  And then it sends out the rolling tools for heat treatment and chrome coating treatment, in order to ensure the rollers hard and smooth enough to eliminate the potential scratches or dents on the final products. Rolling tools are the most important part of roll forming equipment, therefore MTC pays so much attention to its machining.

Clean workshop for assembling & machining!

MTC does assembling and most of the machining jobs in-house.  It has 4 sets of saw machines, 4 sets of CNC machines, 5 sets of lathe machines, 3 sets of drilling machines, 2 sets of milling machines, 1 set of metal sheet cutting machine and 1 set of metal sheet bending machine ready for working. Furthermore, we have purchased 4 advanced laser engraving machines to produce embossing rollers for our metal embossing machine which highly ncrease our production capacity of embossing machines and pu insulated metal carving wall panel production lines. We warmly welcome you to visit our workshop on site.

Our Customers: Made in China, Shipped to the World
We have shipped our products to customers all over the world in more than 30 countries
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