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The Heart of Roll Forming Machine: Roller/Rolling Tools

Roll forming machine is a common equipment that produces metal profiles in various shapes. The shape of the profile depends on the roller set or rolling tool, which is the heart of roll forming machine.

roll forming machine

Roll forming machine is an essential part for human development. It helps people make a great progress in steel structure field which is the symbol of human mordernization. Roll forming is a continuous and automatic production compared to press brake and shear equipment. Furthermore, it integrates many other metal processes so as to improve human’s productivity.

We will not talk about other processes in this writing, but only roll forming, the rolling tools or forming roller sets specifically.

What is roller set or rolling tools?

roll forming tools
Roller Set Before Rolls Mounted

As it indicates, roller sets or rolling tools are the designed tools that forms or bends metal sheet into desired shapes. For example, IBR sheet roll forming machine will have its specific roller sets, different from a corrugated sheet roll forming machine. A whole roller set typically includes rolls/rollers, shafts, stands and transmission unit.

  • Rollers

The rolls or rollers are made of round steel, and proessed with different treatment according to different technical requirements. Roller is the heart of a roll forming machine. In practical terms, rollers manufacturing must be extremely precise. The deviations of roundness or eccentricities of a very low order will greatly impact the quality or accuracy of the finished products. Besides, the surface treatment must be extremely high due to the contact and lubrication issues. Usually, rollers are split into several sections for simple manufacturing. As a matter of fact, there are instances that prove it’s also necessary for easier assembling.

roll forming roller
  • Shafts

Shaft is a very important to roll forming process. Rollers are installed on the shafts which have bearings mounted on both sides so that continuous roll forming can work out. As we know, all rollers must be aligned to each other as designed. Therfore each shaft on each stand must be exaclty the same in quality. Some roll forming machine manufacturers cheat by using hollow shafts in order to low down their cost, and it’s a big risk for customer to use such machine. Solid shaft is the first condition to guarantee the machine’s quality and lifespan.

  • Stands

Each roll forming stand consists of four bearing housings, two on each side, which are supported by connecting rods, in turn attached to cross bars. Each bearing housing usually has two conical bearings which support the shaft. The height of each shaft is adjusted by screws on the top and bottom crossbars. In order to change the rollers on a roll forming machine, the operator side stand must be removed. This means that positioning on the machine table must be precise and repalceable . If the stands are not correctly mounted, there is the possibility that the shafts are not perpendicular to the direction of travel, which can lead to substantial problems during operation.

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