This morning MTC had a pleasant business meeting with clients from Australia. The client contacted MAXON® two weeks ago, enquiring a Z lock eps sandwich panel production line.

eps sandwich panel production lineThe client is looking for an eps sandwich panel production line to make Z lock insulated sandwich panels for roofing and wall .  After receving a formal quote, the client finally decided to visit the company. In addition, the client visited an MTC’s domestic customer who is running its machine. MTC and the client had a short meeting in office building after the client’s touring in our facility.

The client has needs to produce Z lock roofing and wall sandwich panels with EPS insulated. Due to the bad experience with Chinese manufacturer last year, the client paid much attention to the sales service, except for the quality.

eps sandwich panel production lineAfter the business meeting, MTC’s manager had a dinner with client, trying Chinese food. Obviously the client has been very interested in Chinese culture and much impressed by Chinese economic development. However,  the earlier bad experience pushed him a visit to China before purchasing the eps sandwich panel prodcution line.

The client is running business of EPS sandwich panels in Australia. They provided Z lock roofing and wall sandwich panels to their customers accross the world, including China. They have strict requirements on the quality o the panels, and that makes the quality of the machine line the first priority.

Brief Introduction of the EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line:

An Eps or Rockwool sandwich panel machine line continuously produces sandwich panels with thermal materials insulated.  The produced panels are typically applied as the roofing and walls of prefab buildings. The metal skins for roofing sandwich panels are trapezoildal roofing sheets from pre-painted steel coils with thickness 0.3-0.8mm, width 1250mm maximum. The thermal materials for roofing and wall sandwich panels are usually EPS or XPS board, and Rockwool or Glass mineral wool.

EPS/Rockwool sandwich panel production line generally consists of 3 manual decoiler, a roof or wal panel roll forming machine (double layer roll forming machine will be equipped for the production of two types of roof sandwich panels), a feeding table for EPS or XPS board and Rockwool or Glass mineral wool strips, glue mixing system, pressing or composing machine, a tracking fly-saw cutter, run-out table and control system. Optional equipment will be provided as per requests, such as auto stacking machine,and auto packing machine.

Generally there are different types of EPS sandwich panel production lines, according to the final products. Please contact MTC if you have any questions.

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