Corrugated Siding Panel Roll Forming Machine Installation
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Roll Forming Machine Making Heavy-duty Corrugation Panels Installed in UK

MTC just successfully finished the installation of a corrugated siding panel roll forming machine in UK last week. This roll forming machine has been ordered for producing  siding panels with corrugation for containers where Diesel generator seats inside.

The corrugated siding panel roll forming machine, as per reqeusts, producing the corrugation siding panels from 2mm ZINCTEC materials. Our client ordered this machine in June, and got the machine shipped in the end of August. See more at SHIPPING OF METAL SHEET ROLL FORMING MACHINE TO UK.


As soon as this equipment has left China, MTC started to arrange Visa and flight issues for its technicians. Estimately it would take a week (5 working days) in total to get everything set for production. However, due to the absense of any accidents, only two days later, our technicians sit down with the client, training how to operate the machine.

Actually, it’s a simple-operation roll forming machine. Like a corrugated sheet roll forming machine for making the regular roofing sheets, this machine has exactly the same working process. As a result, provided that no unexpected troubles found, only 2 or 3 days are sufficient to finish the installation and commissioning.

Make sure to get the floor, raw materials, hydraulic oil and power ready before the manufacturer comes for installation. Usually, MTC sends two persons out, one technician and one assistant that speaks English for work more efficiently. The technician’s job is easy under normal circumstance, wire collection, parameters setting and rollers adjustment. Therefore, the training job is easy as well.

In addition, there will be manual book and electrical scheme in English language for the client.  If the client have or can find someone that has knowledge about running a roll forming machine, it would be much better, even no need installation service from the manufacturer.

Apart from this corrugated siding panel roll forming machine, MTC sends technicians to install each ordered machine. However, like the above mentioned, if the client need no installation serivce, the company would provide remote assistance promptly.

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