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EPS and Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line

An EPS and Rockwool sandwich panel production line is always required for the production of metal skinned, Eps/xps board or Rockwool and Glass mineral wool insulated roofing and wall panels of prefab buildings, like assembled container houses.

People like to use metal roofing and wall panels made of pre-painted steel coils or galvanized steel coils instead of stones, bricks or clay tiles for most of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural steel buildings, however a single metal roofing or wall panel is not a thermal sheet which can prevent a building or a house getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

Therefore an EPS and rockwool sandwich panel production line tends to be the first choice to contractors or distributors whenever they have need to produce thermal roofing or wall panels. There are various connection or joint type for EPS and Rockwool roofing and wall sandwich panels, like ‘H’ lock type, Z lock type, tongue and grooved type, concealed fixing type, cap fixing type, klip-lok type, cladding type and so on.

EPS and Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line Regular Components

5T Decoiler
Manual/Hydraulic Type Optional
Feeding Guide
Feed steel coils to roll forming unit
Roll Forming Unit
Roll form to required decking sheets
EPS/Rockwool Feeding Platform
Feed EPS block or rockwool strips into laminating machine
Laminating Machine
Glue mixing and panels laminating
Fly-saw Tracking cutter
Cut sandwich panels without stoping the line
Control System
PLC Control with Inverter and encoder
Exit Tables
Tubes transmission racks
All our features can be customized to customers

Brief Introduction of EPS and Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line

An Eps and Rockwool insulated sandwich panel machine line has been designed for the continuous production of metal faced roofing and wall sandwich panels with thermal materials insulated mainly used for the building of prefab houses. The metal skins for roofing sandwich panels are trapezoildal roofing sheets made of pre-painted steel coils with thickness 0.3-0.8mm, width 1250mm maximum; the thermal materials for roofing and wall sandwich panels are usually EPS or XPS board, and Rockwool or Glass mineral wool;

EPS and Rockwool sandwich panel production line generally consists of 3 manual decoiler, a roof or wal panel roll forming machine (double layer roll forming machine will be equipped for the production of two types of roof sandwich panels), a feeding table for EPS or XPS board and Rockwool or Glass mineral wool strips, glue mixing system, pressing or composing machine, a tracking fly-saw cutter, run-out table and control system. Optional equipment will be provided as per requests, such as auto stacking machine,and auto packing machine.

Technical Specifications

Decoiling: Feeding of the material for bottom metal strip;
Roll Forming: Producing the Bottom metal strip for roof/wall pane;
Material Width: 1219/1250mm;
Thickness of Metal skin: 0.3-0.8mm;
Core material: EPS/XPS Board, Rockwool/Glass Mineral Woo;
EPS boards or Rockwool Strips Feeding Table: Placing the middle part of the sandwich panel;
Dripping glue onto top and bottom metal strips;
Heating of strips for better adhesions of glue;
Rolling edges of the strips;
Connecting parts and roll forming together;
Making slot (milling cutting to cut extra parts of EPS) of panels for specific lengths;
Cutting adjusted by PLC touch screen;
Total power: 35KW;
Production line speed: 0-4m/min;
Equipment overall dimensions: 45000mmx2200mmx2800mm;
Product width: 840-1100mm;
Product thickness: 50-250mm;
Annual output: 600 thousand square meters;
Cutting lengths and quantites: Automatically cutting according to the length and quantities the clients set on the touch screen;
PLC Control Box:700mmx1000mmx300mm;
Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder;
Standard Electricity Demand: 380V/50/60HZ/3phase (a transformer will be required for different input Voltage);
“This PU insulated metal carved decorative wall panel production line manufactures really good staff my country needed, now I get a bundle of orders. Amazing machine! ”

We care your needs for heat insulation and wall decoration.

There are many Insulated sandwich panel production lines in the markets, and so many manufacturers in China are making insulated production lines making EPS/XPS and Rockwool roofing and wall sandwich panel because this kind production line is rather simple to build.

However, we manufacture 80% of PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panel production lines in whole China and in any cities where there are PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panels manufacturers, there will be our production lines. PU insulated metal carved decorative panels have multiple functions, for example heat insulation, wall decoration, soundproof and energy savings. Hundreds of decorative patterns are available and thicker panels optional for better heat insulation result.

In addition, we also specialize in building PU rolling shutter slat production lines. There are two different transmission type available for PU shutter slat line: Gear-box transmission and chain-sprockets transmission so that we can ensure all our insulation sandwich panel production line are afforadable and reliable.

Other Insulated Sandwich Panel Production Lines

MTC has designed and built insulated sandwich panel producton lines for EPS/Rockwool Roofing and wall sheet, pu insulated metal carved decorative wall panels and pu rolling shutter slats.
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