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Shipping of Metal Sheet Roll Forming Machine to UK

The metal sheet roll former, metal roll forming equipment has been loaded to this 40′ container and shipped to UK. There are also one uncoiler, one control cabinet, one hydraulic oil pump and three runout-tables in the container.

metal sheet roll former metal roll forming equipment

This roll forming machine prodcues metal sheets from Cold rolled steel of 1000mm width and 2mm thickness. The tranmsission type is chain-sprocket; control system is Panasonic PLC with Omron encoder; cutter is hydraulic type, stop to cut.

The metal sheet roll forming machine works the same way as a regular roof panel roll forming machine and so the compoents are also the same.

Main components for this metal sheet roll former is as following:

  • Manual decoiler
  • Feeding unit
  • Roll former
  • Transmission unit
  • Cutting unit
  • Control unit
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Runout tables

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