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Application of Metal Faced PU Panels with Decorative Pattern Embossed

In recent years, there are many horizontally assembled PU panels increasingly popular in building industries, and the panels have PU insulated and metal faced embossed with decorative patterns.

PU sandwich panels are insulated panels that are commonly applied as roofing or wall of buildings for their thermal effects. Those PU sandwich panels are composed of two metal faces top and bottom layers, and Polyurethane materials insulated in the middle. The width of a PU wall sandwich panel is usually 1000mm, thickness of metal 0.3-0.6mm and they are assembled vertically as exterior wall panels. QQ图片20170421150145

However, within the latest years, there are horizontal-assemblying type PU panels are applied in the makets, as the wall panels of watch boxes, residential houses, portable toilets, vending boxes and new stands etc.

These PU panels can be used as both exterior and interior wall panels. This kind of PU panels usually has one side metal, and the other size aluminum foil/film (sometimes both sides are metal), the width is 600mm maximum, thickness varies from 16mm to 50mm, and the surface of metal has been embossed or printed with some decoration patterns, like brick patterns, marble patterns, and wooden patterns etc.


The production line for make the Decorative patterns embossed, carved or printed metal PU wall panels consists of decoiler, metal embosser, roll forming machine, laminating machine, PU injection machine, fly-saw cutting unit, re-printing machine, drying unit and whole control system.

The metal embossing machine can be designed as per required patterns and materials.  Two or three width adjustable roll forming machines are usually required for making exterior PU wall panels and interior PU wall panels. The lamination machine has been designed to be ajdustable for making PU insulated panels with different thickness. A fly-saw cutter has been applied to cut the final sheets with machine no stopping, and re-printing machine has the function to print the final sheets into different colours, like red, black or something else. The whole line is controled by PLC computer system, and after the required length, and quantities have been input via the touch screen, the whol line will start full-automatic production.

More details at Decoration Patterns Embossed Metal PU Wall Panel Production Line.



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