Cold Roll forming is a continual process for shaping metal into custom cross-section profiles. Compared to hot forming, cold roll forming happends under room temparature, because of which people often name roll formers for cold roll forming machine.

Roll formers are used to fold metal into designed shape in its hardened state, across a wide range of industries to produce parts and components for everything from metal forming in automobiles to appliances to airplanes and houses. Roll forming machine usually is always our first choice as long as we need to produce metal sheet or steel section products.

roof deck roll former

A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc. There are several applications where we need a roll forming machine.

For example, in a number of applications we need a cold roll forming machine. For example, we need roll forming machines to produce metal roofing and wall/siding. We are required to use decking roll forming machines to produce metal or steel decking for roofing and floor. Guadrail roll forming machines are used for producing crash barriers or guard rails on highway construction. 

roll forming application

What’s more, we can hit upon in the markets c/z steel purlin roll forming machines, top hat purlin roll formers; stud and track roll former for light weight steel buildings; down pipe roll forming machines and roll forming machines for door products etc. 

We at MTC offer supreme and scratch less material. The Machine’s parts are all made with accuracy by knowledgeable team, with best possible quality roll tools so you never have to be bothered about the quality. In brief, MTC has designed and built metal roll forming equipment for Roofing sheet, Wall Cladding, Steel Purlins, Metal Decking, Guard Rails, Lightweigth Steel frames, Steel Windows and Door components, Steel Pipes, and many other custom profiles.

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