MTC had visitors from India yesterday afternoon for the discussion about the order of stainless steel roll forming machine that will be designed and manufactured for the production of rail coach components, like roofing and flooring etc.

The clients comes from an Indian company that is the manufacturer of rail coach components, like coach roofing, coach flooring and coach wall sheets etc. The first two stainless steel roll forming machines that the clients will order produces the flooring for rail or metro coach; two custom roll forming machine equipments are different because there are two kinds of flooring respectively from 1250mm and 540mm widths stainless steel, and the thickness varies from 1.2-2mm.

stainless steel roll forming machine profiles
Stainless steel sheets

Actually there are 3 different profiles, 896.5, 350 and 390, but the dimension of 350 profile are the same as part of 896.5 profile, so technically one stainless steel roll forming machine will be able to prodcue these 2 profile, and the other one roll forming machine for this customised 390 stainless steel profile is required. The discussed roll forming machine equipment for the custom profiles will be driven with gear-box and universal joint shafts, and separate forming stands will be equipped.

cusomised roll forming machine

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