Metal sheet roll formers are widely used to produce mainly metal roofing and wall cladding sheets, and the most popular metal sheet roll forming machines in the markets can be found here.

A metal sheet roll forming machine is designed to produce roof panels, roofing step tiles and wall cladding sheets with different models, like IBR roofing sheets, corrugated roofing sheets, trapezoidal roof panels, IDT roofing sheets, Russian type 1100 metal step tiles, klip-lok 406 and klip-lok 700, KR18/KR24 standing seam roofing, BEMO roof sheets, and concealed fixing roofing sheets etc.



Corrugated sheet roll forming machine is a common metal roll forming equipment that produces corrugated Metal Roofing and Siding Panels. In our daily life we we can see many fans of corrugated metal sheets.

Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

So many machine suppliers have designed and built Roof ridge cap roll forming machine for making ridge caps or valley flashings installed along the ridge line of a sloped roof or in valleys. 

Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine with Concealed Fixing

Compared to a regular roof panel roll forming machine, a standing seam roll forming machine has smaller sizes in body but more sophisticated rolling tools.

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