A cold roll forming machine can be designed for producing standard metal sheets, like roofing, steel purlins, stud and tracks etc., and also for making customized steel shapes or profiles.

MTC is specialized in supplying custom roll forming machines for a variety of applications, like a cassette type roll forming machine has been made to make multi-profiles through the change of different cassettes; width adjustable roll forming machines have been designed for producing metal wall panels of different widths; container house section roll forming machines have been built for the manufacturing of steel posts, and top/bottom beams used for assembling container houses.

Please contact us with your specific profile to get your own customized roll former now.

Width Adjustable Roll Forming Machine

A width adjustable roll forming machine is always needed for producing metal sheets or steel section channels with variable widths, sometimes with rafted structure or embosser equipped.

unistrut channels


Briefly, a Uni Strut Channel roll forming machine produces the steel channels, which usually supports wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components, such as air conditioning and ventilation systems.

elevator guide rail roll forming machine

Stainless Steel Elevator Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine

This elevator guide rail roll forming machine has passed the running test and is running for production now. The raw materials this machine handles with is stainless steel strips of 3mm thickness.

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