z steel purlin

Steel purlin is necessary for steel buildings or modern infrastructure projects.

Steel purlin is necessary elements for steel architecture, steel structural engineering, or steel building. Furthermore, steel purlin is not applied for buildings only, but also many other infrastructure projects. This makes steel purlin roll forming machine a very important roll forming equipment.

studs and track

Why is metal Studs and Track the first option for light-gauge buildings?

Nowadays people use galvanized steel to produce metal studs and track via roll forming machines. However, at the very begining, wood or timber is the only option for contractors to choose as studs and track. Therefore, we are looking into some reasons why metal kicks out wooden?

Corrugated Siding Panel Roll Forming Machine Installation

Roll Forming Machine Making Heavy-duty Corrugation Panels Installed in UK

MTC just successfully finished the installation of a corrugated siding panel roll forming machine in UK last week. This roll forming machine has been ordered for producing  siding panels with corrugation for containers where Diesel generator seats inside.