PU Metal Carved Decorative Wall Sandwich Panel Machine Line
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New Metal Embossed PU Sandwich Panel Machine Line Installed

PU metal carved decorative sandwich panels are a popular building material consisting of two outer metal layers and an inner insulating core made of materials such as polyurethane (PU) foam. The Metal Embossed PU Sandwich Panel Machine is used to create the metal layers, emboss them, and bond them together with the insulating core.

roll forming to life
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How important is roll forming to our daily life?

Roll forming is a manufacturing process that involves the continuous bending of metal sheets into specific shapes and sizes. While it may not be a process that is frequently discussed or noticed, roll forming plays a significant role in our daily lives in many ways.

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Technical Advances in the Roll Forming Industry

A roll former machine is a machine that forms metal by passing it through a set of rollers. Roll forming machines are used in manufacturing industries, such as the automotive and construction sectors. They can also be used for modeling and prototyping applications.