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What is the Cost of a Metal Roofing Roll Forming Equipment?

Metal roofing roll forming equipment is a common roll former that produces metal roof panels. When we decide to buy a metal roofing roll forming machine, we wish to buy it at a good cost.

Whatever you’re buying, a new shirt or a new metal roofing roll forming equipment, the first question is always be: How much does it cost?

Here’s the short answer to that question: It depends.

What is a Metal Roofing Roll Forming Equipment?

A metal roofing roll forming equipment produces metal roof panels from GI,PPGI,PPGA,Aluminum or even stainless steel. See more at  HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST MATERIAL FOR YOUR METAL ROOFING PROJECT.There are different roll metal roofing roll forming equipment for making different metal roofing sheets.

Duplex Roll Forming Machine
Duplex Roll Former

The world-popular metal roof panels are: IBR roof panels, corrugated metal roofing and siding panels, trapezoidal roof panels, IDT roofing sheets, Step glazed tiles, klip-lok 406 and klip-lok 700, KR18/KR24 standing seam roofing, BEMO roof sheets, and concealed fixing roofing sheets etc. Normally one metal roofing roll forming equipment produces one type of sheets, however there are duplex roll formers developed to save place and costs.

We understand that might not be the answer you were looking for, but it’s true. No one type of metal sheet roll forming machine costs the exact same as the next one. In addition, we think it would be unfair to lump all different options together under one price. In your hand, there are different quotes for the matel roofing roll forming equipment you are going to buy. As you may notice there must be different specifications highlighted. The most important, prices are always different.

Therefore, we want to give you an accurate and thorough introduction of:

  • Materials costs
  • Costs of Labors
  • Operating costs

Materials Costs for a Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine:

The cost of materials roughly accounts for 1/3 of the total price to build a standing seam roll forming machine. This part of the overall cost accounts for:

  • Rollers & shafts
  • Machine structure (Machine base, and roll forming stands)
  • Motor
  • Control and Oil pump
  • Accessories (such as screws, bolts, bearings, slides and chains-sprockets)

The major raw materials for building a standing seam roof panel roll former is Round steel,Steel plates and H beam steel. Round steel are for making rollers and shafts, steel plates are for wall plates and H beam steel for machine base.

Costs of Labors for a Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Metal roofing roll forming machine
G550 Metal Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Apart from the Costs of Materials, the total labor costs may account for another 1/3 of the total price of a metal roofing roll forming machine. For example, in order to build a corrugated sheet roll forming machine, manufacturers would have to run machining team and assembling team. The below is a list of the breakdown to better understand what the cost of labor covers:

  • Time required to finish the building of the machines
  • Wages and salaries for the related employees
  • Benefits and insurance for employees
  • Payroll taxes paid by the manufacturers

However, these factors are not always concrete and can vary based on the management system of a company.

Operation Costs:

The final 1/3 of the total price would be the operating costs that keeps the company running for building a metal roofing roll former. For building a metal roofing roll forming equipment, this part of the cost would help cover:

  • Facility rent, including workshop and office building
  • Related department management, like Designing, Purchasing, Production and Inspection department
  • Machining equipment and other machinery, like a crane, forklift etc
  • Licensing and training required by industry or government
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Other day-to-day miscellaneous tools and items

Barely two businesses operate the same or require the same amount of money to function.  Furthermore, each company includes different profits in their quoted prices. Therefore different roll forming machine manufacturers would always quoted different prices for the same metal roofing roll forming machine.

MTC specializes the designing and building of various metal sheet roll forming machines. Contact us if you have interests or needs of one.

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