corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine
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Top 10 Metal Roll Formers: Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

In our daily life, we may come accross roll formers. The most popular roll formers proudce metal roofing and wall siding panels. Corrugated sheet roll forming equipment is one among them.

corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine

Firstly, a corrugated sheet roll former is a machine that makes metal roofing and siding panels in corrugation shape. Corrugated metal roofing and wall panels have been used accross the world for many years. They are durable, have more structural advantages, and better look, so they are more welcome by Contractors and homeowners. People use the sheets mostly for residential buildings.

Corrugated Metal Sheets can’t work only as roof panels, but also as wall siding panels. Read more about Corrugated Metal Sheets. Due to the wide usage of corrugated sheets, corrugated sheet roll forming machine ranks as one of top 10 metal Metal Roll Formers.

Brief Introduction about Corrugated Sheet Roll Former

Corrugated Sheet Roll Former

A roll forming machine produces metal roofing and siding panels in Corrugation or Sinusoidal shape, as a result, it gets the name corrugated sheet roll forming equipment. A typical corrugated sheet roll former handles with metal materials covering 0.3-0.8mm thickness and 914-1250mm width. The corrugated sheet machine can manufacture the Metal roofing and Siding panels both automatically and manually.

Most of time, there are standards for corrugated metal sheets in respected markets, so generally one corrugated roll forming machine can make multiple profiles. In addition, like any other metal roll forming machines, this corrugated sheet roll former has basic components as below list.

  • Manual Decoiler
  • Feeding Unit
  • Roll Forming Unit
  • Transmission Unit
  • Control Unit
  • Hydraulic Unit
  • Runout Tables

Technical Specifications of Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

  • Raw Material: Prepainted color steel coils; Galvanized steel coils; Galvalum steel coils;
  • Yield strength: 235MPA-550MPA;
  • Raw Material Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm;
  • Raw Material Width:914-1250mm;
  • Main Power: 5.5 KW;
  • Forming stations: 16-22 stations;
  • Machine Frame: 36# H Beam steel welded
  • Thickness of Steel Frame: 18mm
  • Material of cutoff blades: Cr12 steel
  • Hydraulic power for cutting: 4KW
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder
Corrugated Sheet Roll Former

You may like to read more about a Corrugation Sheet Roll Forming Machine. For more than a decade of years, MTC has designed metal sheet roll forming machines for a variety of applications. Therefore, we are standby to provide you a reliable and durable corrugated sheet roll former as per your needs.  Contact us now.

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