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Newly Designed Container House Roll Forming Machines

Recently we have delivered and set up 3 sets of roll forming machines for a big container houses producing enterprise. The roll forming machines are ordered to make steel frames, beams, and posts for container houses and folded houses and we applied new designs for the container house roll forming machine.

Brief Introduction of Container House Roll Forming Machine Project

container house roll forming machine

2 months ago, one of leading manufacturers of containers houses and folded houses in China (SEASONS SUN) came to MTC for the order of 8 sets roll forming machines. It is requested to make 8 sets roll formers for producing steel frames, posts, beams and ceilings for their container houses. Different from other Chinese customers, SEASONS SUN has quite strict requirement on the appearance of roll formers. All roll forming machines must have safety covers on the roll forming bodys, and aviation plugs for PLC control system.

Container House Roll Forming Machine Ready for Production

There are not big difference for the main components of these roll forming machines, which are decoiler, feeding unit, roll forming unit, cutting unit, oil pump and control system. Like mentioned as above, safety covers and aviation plugs are added. More informtion at Container House Section Roll Forming Machines

During the hardwork of 60 days, MTC finished the production of 3 container house roll formers for initial delivery. These machines are container house post roll forming machine, container house beam roll forming machine, and container frame corner roll forming machine. Technicians have been sent to the customer’s facility for installation and commissioning. Eveyrhing works perfect for these machines and earned great reputation for MTC from the this customer. We are confident to delivery all the rest 5 roll formers in time.

Container House Roll Former:

Container house roll forming machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the construction industry to produce various components needed for assembling container houses. Container houses, also known as shipping container homes, are prefabricated structures made from repurposed shipping containers.

The roll forming machine is designed to create specific profiles or shapes by feeding metal coils through a series of rollers. These rollers gradually bend and shape the metal until it matches the desired profile. For container houses, the roll forming machine may be used to create components like wall panels, roof panels, and floor joists, among others.

The process typically involves the following steps:

Material Loading: Metal coils, usually steel or aluminum, are loaded onto the roll forming machine.
Feeding: The machine feeds the metal coil through a series of rollers at a constant speed.

Roll Forming: As the metal passes through the rollers, it undergoes gradual bending and shaping to create the desired profile.

Cutting: Once the desired length of the profile is achieved, the machine may have an integrated cutting system to cut the formed profile to the required size.

Stacking or Collection: The finished profiles are then collected, ready to be used in the assembly of container houses.

Container house roll forming machines are valuable in mass production environments, where consistent and accurate manufacturing of components is essential. They help streamline the construction process by producing components that fit perfectly together, reducing waste, and saving time.

It’s worth noting that the specific capabilities of a container house roll forming machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use. Different machines may be designed to produce various profiles and components needed for assembling container houses of different designs and sizes.

MTC offer sorts of customised roll forming machines and auxiliary production equipment. All machine parts are made with accuracy by knowledgeable team, with best possible quality roll tools so you never have to be bothered about the quality. In brief, MTC has designed and built metal roll forming equipment for Roofing sheet, Wall Cladding, Steel Purlins, Metal Decking, Guard Rails, Lightweigth Steel frames, Steel Windows and Door components, Steel Pipes, and many other custom profiles.

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