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Why do we need corrugation sheet roll forming machine?

Nowaday, for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings, corrugated galvanised iron sheets are necessary, and it makes corrugation sheet roll forming machine one of the most important metal sheet roll former.

As a member engaged in steel building materials machinery, today we are looking more about the corrugated galvanised iron and the roll forming machine that makes them.

From the history of CGI (corrugated galvanised iron) that WIKI compiled, we know that the corrugated galvanised iron have been used around two centuries and they will never be abandoned in the history of human development because of their obvious advantages: “light, strong, corrosion-resistant, and easily transported, and particularly lent itself to prefabricated structures and improvisation by semi-skilled workers”.

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A minor-corrugation on siding sheets

In the very begining, the CGI was made by manual roller equipment, while as time flies and technology advances, cold roll forming machine has been invented and the corrugation sheet roll forming machine in most of time has become the most ideal equipment for producing CGI (a barrel type corrugation sheet machine in some occassions can work better than a corrugated sheet roll forming machine) in modern times, and the raw materials for corrugated sheets also spreads to galvanised steel, galvalume, aluminum, and pre-painted steel etc and there are different finishes including a variety of colors allow for these panels to be used in decorative applications or as aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound building components.

Early manual corrugated iron roller. On display at Kapunda museum, South Australia

CGI was invented in the 1820s in Britain by Henry Robinson Palmer, architect and engineer to the London Dock Company. It was originally made from wrought iron. It proved to be light, strong, corrosion-resistant, and easily transported, and particularly lent itself to prefabricated structures and improvisation by semi-skilled workers. It soon became a common construction material in rural areas in the United States, Chile, New Zealand and Australia and later India, and in Australia and Chile also became (and remains) a common roofingmaterial even in urban areas. In Australia and New Zealand particularly it has become part of the cultural identity,[1][2][3] and fashionable architectural use has become common.- Extracted from WIKI.

Main applications of corrugated sheets made by corrugation roll forming machine:

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Corrugated or corrugation iron sheets have variable applications as following:

  • Corrugated roofing sheets;
  • Corrugated siding sheet;
  • Corrugated wall panels;
  • SILO siding panels;

Different applications may require different materials of which corrugated sheets are made. For roofing and siding (wall) panels, galvanised steel, galvalum steel or pre-painted steel of 0.3-0.8mm thickness and max 1250mm width are the popular materials, while for SILO siding panels, galvanized steel of max.7mm (most of time 1-3mm) thickness.

Brief Introduction of Corrugation Sheet Roll Forming Machine:

A corrugated sheet roll forming machine has been designed for automatic and continuous production of roofing, and siding corrugated sheets in any lengths. There are different covering widths of corrugated sheets from different-width materials. A corrugated sheet roll forming machne is usually customized according to clients’ different requirements on materials, applications, components, structures, transimission methods and functions etc. Different roll forming stations, motor power, shaft diameters, stands structures and components of roll former can be personalized. (Detailed specifications of a corrugated sheet roll forming machine)

Corrugation sheet roll forming machines for producing roofing and siding or walls usually consist of manual decoiler, feeding guide, roll former, cutting tool, Electric control console, hydraulic oil pum, transmission system and runout tables; while a punching unit and bending unit will be need for extra to manufacture SILO siding panels.

To sum up, due to the wide usage of corrugated sheets in a variety of applications, people always need corrugation sheet roll forming machine to produce corrugated sheets in large quantities and in any lengths fully automatically.

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