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STATIONARY VS PORTABLE Roll Forming Machine Equipment

Whenever we need to purchase a roll forming machine equipment, we always have more than 2 options for different roll forming designs. For example, shall we choose a Factory-based roll former or an On-site roll former?

A Factory-based roll former usually has the name as Stationary type roll forming machine. On-site roll formers most of time are known as Portable roll forming machines.  In fact, any Portable roll former can be Stationary type, while not all Stationary machines can be portable. Therefore, we need to find out which is better for our project, Stationary or Poartable type roll former.

Roll Forming Machine Equipment

Before we look inside of both machines, let’s take a brief look at the basics of two designs.

A stationary type machine works indoor (usually in workshop), using the building power. You have to manufacture the products in factroy, and then deliver them to the place where they will be installed. However, a portable roll former is commonly running outdoor. You can take the machine out for production on site. It uses the power from local building, or sometimes it requires a Generator to provide power.

corrugated sheet roll forming machine
Stationary Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Knowing the basic difference of two types of designs, it seems to be easier for us to make a decision: Portable roll former works bettter for my project. Is it true?

More comparision between Stationary and Portable Roll Forming Machine Equipment.

Now we understand that the working environments for two types of roll formers are different, and let’s move close to the myths of the two different machines designs.

K Span roll forming machine
K Span roll forming machine

MACHINES WEIGHT. Stationary roll forming machines are usually heavy-duty equipment, and Portable roll formers are light.

RAW MATERIALS: Stationary roll formers typically handle with materials covering thickness 0.3-6mm, width 100-1250mm. A portable roll forming machine equipment usually produce sheets out of 0.3-0.6mm thick and 100-1000mm wide materials. While K span roll forming machine is the only exception.

  • RUNNING SPEED. A stationary roll forming machine works at a normaly speed 15m/min, but the max speed can reach 40m/min. However a portable roll former usually works at max speed 20m/min.
  • COMPONENTS. The main components for a stationary roll former are individual, like uncoilers, control unit, hydraulic oil pump and runout tables etc. In contrast, the Portable roll forming machine have all the above components integrated on the trailer.
  • PRODUCTS. Usually you can make products less than 12m from Stationary roll former. It’s not because the machine can’t make longer sheets, but longer sheets are not easy for delivery. On the contrary, a Portable roll former can give you products of any lengths. can be


Portable gutter roll forming machine
Portable Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Apart from he above listed elements, the cores to make two types equipment different are the roller materials and technology.

The world well-known manufacturers of portable roll formers are like Jobsite for portable gutter and downpipe roll forming machine;  M.I.C. Industries, Inc for K span roll forming machine; and NTM for portable standing seam roll forming machine etc. As you may notice, all the above companies are US located, because they hold the unique technology for manufacturing Polyurethane rollers.

Portable Standing Seam Roof Panel Roll Former
Portable Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

Like mentioned above, the PORTABLE design normally is suitable for light gauge rollforming equipment which produces metal sheet products from thin materials. For example, standing seam roll forming machine, stud and track roll forming machine, water gutter and downpipe roll forming machine and so on.

Regardless of the designing, if you are looking to produce heavy-duty metal products, you can only choose the Stationary type roll forming machines. Supposed your workshop is space limited, and you only need to produce light weight metal sheet products; in addition, if longer sheets, especially over 12m length, and on-site installation are necessary, we strongly suggest you the portable roll forming machine or on-site roll forming machine equipment.

Contact MTC if you want to know more about roll forming, and we are standby for help.

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