C/Z Section Channels
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Top 10 Metal Roll Formers: C/Z Section Channel Roll Forming Machine

In metal roll forming industry, C and Z steel purlins play big roles, and they always show up at the same time. Therefore, CZ purlin roll former is known as one of TOP 10 metal roll forming equipment in markets all across the world.

CZ purlin roll former is the roll forming equipment that manufactures C/ Z shaped steel section channels. Although the manufacturing equipment are the same, there are some differences between C and Z steel purlins. Please go to Is there any difference for the application of C and Z steel purlins to see more.  In the very begining, people have to turn to traditional roll formers for manufacturing  CZ steel purlins.


CZ Purlin Roll Former

A traditional CZ purlin roll former produces only C purlins OR only Z purlins ( also known as Cee or Zed purlins). Besides, operator has to change the spacers between rolling tools manually to make C/Z purlins in different sizes. In this case, the suppliers of C/Z purlins have to pay more to buy two machines and spend more time producing C/Z purlins in different sizes.

Please see details of a traditaional C purlin roll forming machine and a traditional Z purlin roll forming machine.

However, traditional machines are bounded to quit from the stage. People have urgent needs to decrease their costs and time. As a result, quick-change OR interchangeable CZ purlin roll forming machines have come into the world.



An interchangeable C/Z purlin roll forming machine is supposed to produce both C and Z steel purlins. Furthermore, it produces C and Z steel purlins in different sizes with no need to change spacers manually. Machine can adjust the required sizes and cutting tools, and the only manual action would be ‘Rotation from C to Z’. Furthermore, one day there must be a solution for automatic C-Z transition.

Operators can do all the jobs through the PLC control system. For example, operators can input required length, quantities, and sizes and the machine will do the rest fully automatically.

Please see details of a Quick-change C/Z purlin roll forming machine.

Like traditional machines, a quick-change CZ Purlin roll former typically consists of the following components.

  • Manual Decoiler
  • Feeding and levelling unit
  • Punching unit
  • Roll forming unit
  • Transmission unit
  • Cutting unit
  • Control unit
  • Hydraulic unit
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