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Top 10 Metal Roll Formers: Metal Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Metal roof ridge cap roll former is a kind of roll forming machin that produces metal roof ridge caps designed to cover the roof top along its ridge line – the peak, where two metal roof panels meet up.

Roof flashing

Metal roof ridge caps, known as top roof ridge cap as well, are typically used on metal roofing systems as well as shingle or slate roofs. Normally we install a ridge cap only after all metal roof panels and any other trims are in right place. In this way, it accentuates the natural beauty of the metal roofing of our buildings. Read How to Install a Ridge Cap?

The common metal roof panels on our house or buildings are like standign seam and shingle-stype panels. Over these panels we have many options of metal roof ridge caps. For example vented ridge cap, skylight ridge cap, and formed ridge cap etc.

As we know, we need roof ridge cap for our metal roofing. However, not all ridge cap are working at the same function. The most common caps are: Tiled Ridge Cap, Plain Ridge Cap Roll Top Ridge Cap. Tile ridge cap is the cap with steps, like tile, roof flashing are the caps with different bending, and round ridge cap are the caps with round or circle top. Whatever the roof ridge cap looks like, we can produce it with a roll forming machine, and we name it as roof ridge cap roll former.


Roof Ridge Cap Roll Former

The roof ridge cap roll former is known also as roof ridge cap roll forming machine. It is a cost-effective roll former for manufacturing various shaped ridge caps to add ridge lines on your roofing. MTC has designed and built various types of ridge capping roll forming machine for making roll-top ridge cap,tile-effect ridge cap,flat-ridge cap, plain ridge cap, three bend ridge cap, three break ridge caps and so on.

The roof ridge cap roll former working at the same way as other metal roofing roll forming machine does. And also it has the same components as a galzed tile roll forming machine. However, the tile-effect ridge cap machine are different from other type ridge cap machine. Take roof valley flashing roll forming machine for example. A traditional tile-effect roof ridge cap roll former generally consists of decoiler, feeding uint, roll forming unit, pressing unit, cutting unit and control system.

There are not so many differences between these two kinds of roof ridge cap roll forming machines. Except for different roller stations, rolling tools, what really makes different is a hydraulic Pressing equipment which makes continuous STEPs on roof ridge caps.  Compared to roof ridge cap roll forming machine, a roof valley flashing roll forming machine is another case. People used to install the valley flashings in the valley of two intersecting roof panels. This position decides the shape of valley flashing to be a V shape.

In addition, the rollers for tile-effect ridge cap machine are much heavier and bigger. Therefore, roof ridge cap roll forming machine is much more complicated. More specifications at our page Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine.

If you want to know more technical details about a roof ridge cap roll former, please contact us.

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