Z purlin roll forming machine works in the same principle as a c purlin roll forming machine does for producing steel purlins for metal building systems, only the purlins’ shapes make difference.

Z steel purlins can be used for a variety of applications, but 90% for steel structural building system, and 10% for other usages (some people use z steel purlins as the supporting clip inside sandwich panels, while some others put z steel purlins on a samples racks etc).

As long as we build a steel structural building, Zed shaped section channels as well as Cee shaped section channels (more at c purlin roll forming machine) always come to the mind of architects. However, there are different situations about which ones to choose, Cee steel purlins or Zed steel purlins. Please check our article about the brief introduction of the difference between C purlins and Z purlins (IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE FOR THE APPLICATION OF C AND Z STEEL PURLINS?).

Brief Introduction of Z purlin roll forming machine:

A light gague z steel purlin roll forming machine producing 2mm steel purlins

Firstly, we have designed traditional z purlin roll forming machines for manufacturing z shaped section channels. And then we developed light-gauge z purlin roll forming machines for producing Z shaped racks inside the sandwich panels. A traditional z purlin roll forming machine always produces punching holes or slots on both the Z purlin webs and flanges, while a light-gauge z purlins have only holes on z channels flanges, and some light-gauge z purlins z purlins have only holes on z channel webs. Both light gagues and high gauge z steel purlins are usually made out of hot-dip galvanized steel or cold rolled steel.

Zed steel purlin roll forming machine with post punching and cutting tools

Like c purlin roll forming machine, z steel purlin roll formers also is designed to produce the section channels of different sizes, but the change to make a different size z purlin is manual. Clients need to manually change the spacers installed between rolling tools, as well as the cutting dies.

Nowadays, there are c/z purlin roll forming machines which automatic change the sizes of C and Z steel purlins quickly (more at interchangeable c/z purlin rol forming macine).

Compared to traditional c/z purlin roll forming machines, an interchangeable machine can works much more efficient, since it takes only 10 minutes at most to produce z steel purlins of a different size. Generally, a Z steel section channel roll forming machine usually consists of a manual decoiler, feeding guide with leveling device, hydraulic punching tools, roll forming part, hydraulic cutting, transmission system, a PLC control cabinet, a hydraulic oil pump and runout tables.

Technical Parameters of Z purlin roll forming machine:

Z purlin roll forming machine loaded into a 40′ container for shipping
  • Raw material: Q235 Galvanized steel coil or Cold rolled steel;
  • Thickness of Material:2—3.2mm
  • Yield strength of raw materials: 235MPA-345MPA;
  • Coil Weight:5 Tons
  • 7-Roller Leveler:3 rollers up and 4 rollers down with no power.
  • Leveling Thickness:1.6-3.2mm.
  • Diameter of Leveling Roller: 90mm.
  • Material of Leveling Roller: Gcr15 bearing Steel with heat treatment HRC58-62.
  • Roll Stations:13-15 stations.
  • Rolling stands structure: conjoint type;
  • Machine Frame stand: Welded structural steel;
  • Forming Speed:8—12m/min
  • Material of Roller:15GCR Bearing Steel;
  • Dia. Of Shaft:80mm;
  • Transmission Type:1.5” Chain;
  • Main Power:15 KW;
  • Tolerance of Cutting Length:+/-2mm;
  • Dimension of the machine:10500mmx900mmx1500mm;
  • The Max punching thickness: 3.2mm;
  • Hydraulic puning & cutting: Stop to punch and cut;
  • Materials of Punching Molds:Cr12MoV steel with quench treatment.
  • Material of Cutting Blades:Cr12 steel;
  • Hydraulic Power:7.5KW;
  • Hydraulic Cutting:Automatically cutting according to the length and quantities the clients set on the touch screen
  • PLC Control Box:700mmx1000mmx300mm
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder;

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