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Top 10 Metal Roll Formers: Stud and Track Framing Roll Forming Machine

There are a variety of roll formers in metal or steel structural buildings. Among them, the stud and track roll former is a very popular equipment, especially for light gauge steel projects.

Stud and TrackThe steel stud & track wall framing is an economical friction-fit system to assemble frames for not only stronger, but safer partitions. In modern buildings, light-gauge steel structure play a big role because people are keen to fast assembling, economical yet safe buildings. There are many advantages of steel stud and track as following:

  • There are over 50 years history for the commercial applications of Steel framing.
  • Large quantities of metal components can be readily transported and craned into position on site.
  • Drywall construction eliminates wet trades, and allows earlier finishing of walls.
  • Steel stud lined with plasterboard offer excellent sound transmission loss properties.
  • Rollformers steel framing has weight advantages up to 20% of equivalent size single brick rendered wall.
  • Rollformers manufacture studs and tracks in various gauges and sizes which allows building walls up to 7.2m in height.
  • 0.55 and 0.75 BMT studs may be ‘boxed’ to provide extra strength at wall openings or where the studs carry additional loads such as shelving.

Steel Framing Studs and Track

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Stud and Track Roll Former

A stud and track roll former is a common equipment that roll forms steel stud and track members for use in wall, floor and truss framing. Due to the properties of Stud and Track, one stud and track roll former can usually produces both stud and track. Furthermore, a standard machine is technically capable to produce Stud and Track from 3 5/8″ (92.1mm) to 8″ (203.2mm) widths and 26 gauge to 14 gauge steel. Just to feed the raw material into roll former, input required lengths and quantities, the machine will do the rest.

Generally, a stud and track roll forming machine have 8 main components like the below:

    • Decoiler
    • Auto Feeder
    • Punching unit
    • Feeding unit
    • Roll forming unit
    • Cutting unit
    • Control unit
    • Output table

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