The closed type steel decking floor is a little bit different from the common metal deck floor. It’s more complicated, and has higher strength for loading.

When installed, it can be directly mixed with the welded steel mesh and concrete with good adhesion, Applied in high-rise steel buildings, it can save the steel molding templates, and also reduce the floor load. Under the same load capacity, it can reduce the amount of steel to achieve cost-saving.

Features and application of this closed type steel decking floor roll forming machine: It produced steel floor board for the floor panel of high rise building, with high wave crest and strength, high degree of automation and low cost.

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close type steel decking floor roll forming machine

Specification of this steel decking floor roll forming machine:

Thickness of Material: 0.8mm—1.3mm
Coil Width: 1219/1250mm;
Coil Weight: 5 Tons
Roller Stations: 26-35 stations
Diameter of Shaft: 76mm
Material of Shaft: 45# steel.
Material of roller: 45#steel with electroplating treatment after quenching treatment.
Forming speed: 8-12m/min
Main Power: 2x11KW.
Overall Dimensions: 13500mmx1500mmx1300mm
Weight of the machine: Appro.12 Tons
Hydraulic Power: 7.5KW
Material of Cutting Blades: Cr12MoV.
PLC Control Box:700mmx1000mmx300mm
Computer Control System: Panasonic PLC.

Safety/Quality Approvals

1) CE approved;
2) Two years or 5500 working hours warranty;
3) Free installation and commissioning;

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