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How to Manufacture Metal Roof Panels?

Whenever you see the metal roof of a house or a building you come accross, have you ever wondered how exactly it was made? Have you ever heard of any metal roof panel roll forming machine? Do you want to know the manufacturing process?

As you see, the roofs are metal, so there is no doubt that the metal roofs are made of metal, specifically metal coils. First of all, lets take a brief look at the manufacturing process of metal coils as below layout. 

Metal coils manufacturing process

You can visit this page for all details about metal coils, including manufacturing and properties.

Generally, metal roofs can be made from steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, and even stainless steel. You may read the article HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST MATERIAL FOR YOUR METAL ROOFING PROJECT to know more.  However, galvanized steel and aluminum are the most popular metals, including some further treated materials, like Prepainted Galvanized steel, and Galvalum. Therefore, we’d like to continue our topic based on these two materials.

There are numerous types of metal roofing around the world. Depends on differente standards or preference, you may find different metal roofs in different markets.

For example, in American markets, people love standing seam metal roof. In African markets, people there prefer to use IBR sheets and IDT roofing sheets. LR/KR24 roof panels are highly popular in Spanish-speaking countries. In European countries, we can see metal roof glazed tiles everywhere. Other common metal roof panels are like corrugated roof panels, klip lok sheets, R panels, Trapezoidal sheets and so on.  Apart from these standard metal roof, there are some variations available, like crimping curved roofing, and curved bemo roofing etc.

Although the final metal roofs may look quite different, the materials they are made of have standard dimensions. For the same material, the thickness normaly varies from 0.3-0.8mm and width from 914-1250mm. And that’s the standrad materials a metal roof panel roll forming machine can handle with.

Manufacturing equipment: Metal Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

metal roof panel roll forming machine

We have materials, and now we need a machine or equipment to make the final metal roof.  Different metal roofs come from different metal roofing roll forming machines. MTC specializes the designing and building of various metal roof panel roll forming machines. For example corrugated sheet roll forming machine, standing seam roof panel roll former, and glazed tile roll forming machine etc.  You can roll your own metal roofs with a metal roof panel roll forming machine. In other words, you don’t need to “deal” with big manufacturers when getting a metal roof.


standing seam roll forming machineOne of the metal roof panel machine is standing seam roll forming machine. All standing seam metal roofs go through a rollformer-a machine that turns a metal coil into actual metal roofing panels by roll forming. MTC can build a portable standing seam roof panel roll former as well as stationary standing seam roll forming machine. As the name indicates, the protable standing seam roll former can work on site and a stationary machine can only work in workshop.

The basic process of making standing seam panels involves feeding metal coil into a roll-former and coming out with required cutting length. A standing seam roof panel roll former generally consists of a manual decoiler, roll former, cutting unit, control unit and supporting tables. Since standing seam panels have the same locking, the roll former is usually width adjustable to make the locks on each side of the panels.  All you need to do is inputting width, cutting lengths, quantities on the control which takes care of left.


corrugated roof panel roll forming machine
big wave corrugated sheet roll forming machine

Corrugated sheet roll forming machine makes metal roof in corrugation or sinusoidal shapes. Apart from the beautiful apperance, the corrugated metal roofing systems offer high degree of corrosion resistance, energy efficiency, and economical sustainability. And that makes corrugated roof panels a viable economical alternative to conventional roofs, and premium metal roofs.

Actually, corrugated sheet roll forming machine is one of the most popular metal roof panel roll forming machine in Africa (the other one is IBR sheet roll forming machine).

Like a standing seam roof panel roll former, a corrugated sheet roll forming machine can also make multi-profiles. Provided the final corrugated roof panels have the same corrugation, only one machine is enough. Other than that, the corrugated sheet roll forming machine has also a PLC control unit. However, if we have different corrugation, we can turn to a double layer roll forming machine. In addition, we can use corrugated sheets as wall cladding or siding panels as well.

You may want to Contact MTC to know more about its metal roof panel roll forming machines.

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