This afternoon an oval pipe roll forming machine was loaded to a 20ft container and this roll forming machine will be shipped to UAE on the 24th this month.

Oval pipe roll forming machine loaded in a 20′ container.

There is nude packing for this oval pipe roll forming machine (nude packing for all cold roll forming machines and sometimes rolling tools or control panels are packed by bubble film) when shipped, and the control cabinet was packed by bubble film. Totally 6 pieces of goods have been loaded, including a cutting unit, a manual decoiler, one runout supporting rack, one runout supporting channel and two pieces of roll forming machines (this roll forming machine has been designed with two roll forming parts connected).


This steel pipe roll forming machine has been designed for continuously and automatically manufacturing oval shaped steel pipes as electric conduits or wiring ducting from galvanized steel of 0.3-0.6mm thickness through a electric control cabinet, but no PLC and touch screen have been equipped, which means this cold roll forming machine makes pipes of only one fixed length, and the whole production has to be stopped for manual measurement of another required length. As soon as the required length has been measured and set, the machine will start production of pipes with this length automatically without stopping unitl the raw materials are used up unless manual stop has to be made.

More info about an oval pipe roll forming machine.

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