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How does machining operation matter to rollforming solutions?

There are never two roll forming machines that have the same price from two different suppliers, and many companies turned their head to China for the source of metal roll forming equipment because they could find really good price there.

However, it does not mean they do not see the quality of the machine itself that they are going to buy. Well, we have to admit there are some clients who don’t care too much about the quality, because they buy the metal roll forming equipment for only one-time production.Blog Content3For example, right now I know someone that is engaged in a project which may require 300,000 meters roofing sheets, and the profit is 0.2$/meter, so if I buy a machine at a cost of 8,000$ that has a life circle merely around 5 months, I would make around 50,000$ money as gross profit, and after I finished this project, this cold roll forming machine would be thrown away or sold as rust iron (assuming a roll former could be running at a speed of 8-10m/min, so it will take about 4 months to produce 300,000 meters roofing sheets ). In this case, high quality machine that could be runnig at least 5 years or even 10 years doesn’t fit the taste at all.

There is another situation for many other cases that the quality of roll forming machines really matters, and machining operation is the key to the quality of or metal roll forming equipment, like heat treatment, chrome treatment, quenching treatment, and polishing treatment etc. Heating treatment makes rollers very hard so it’s durable to roll hard or thick materials; p0lishing treatment prevents rollers leaving any marks or scratches on the surface of the roll formed products.

Machining operation is the key to ensure the quality of the machine, and European rollforming suppliers provide high accuracy and automatic machining operation, which is one of major reasons that make European roll forming machines so expensive. Therefore, when you are buying a cold roll former, it’s not right to throw those quotation sheets with higher prices, because what really matters is the quality and what matters to the quality is the machining operation.

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