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Cold Roll Former,Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

A cold roll former is a metal rollforming equipment that can manufacture metal profiles continuously typically out of steel coils. Additionally, the cold roll former line can do extra actions on line, like punching, cutting, embossing and label printing etc.

decking panels
metal floor decking

“I am doing construction business and I use a lot of decking panels like this. Therefore, I believe it’s a right call to get a cold roll former to produce the decking panels on my own. Not only the decking panel roll forming machine, but also I have large needs for the stud and tracks, so the next move I am going to take will be buying a stud and track roll forming machine.” Mr. Gaby Barakat from a construction company in US told MTC when he visited the company. “Apart from my own use, I can also sell the decking panels to many other people I know”.  On his face is his proud and excitement to make the decision to buy his own cold roll former.

Roof flashing

There are so many stories that is like Mr. Gaby Barakat, however, not everyone can move one more step forward. A cold roll former can do many jobs automatically, so that you can save much money and time. For example, if you need roof flashings, you can pre-cut the sheet on a shearing machine and bend the sheet into roof flashing on a bending machine. Every each piece of flashing will take you at least 10 minutes. Supposed you had your own cold roll former, you would make at least 20 pieces of flashing within 10 minutes. Of course you can buy the finished flashings from Mr. Gaby Barakat, and that’s why he’s successful for his business.

Why do you need a cold roll former?

Metal Roofing Roll Forming MachineLike Gaby’s story, he buys cold roll former to make more money. Before he makes his own panels, he can only buy the decking panels at high price from others. Delivery time and the panel’s price badly pulled down his annual earnings. Now, by making the decking panels by himself, he can use decking panels whenever he needs. In addition, the cost of making panels is far lower, beyond his expectation, than that of  buying panels. Furthermore, with over 10-year experience in construction industry, he knows so many people that doing same business in the field. Therefore, he has handful of potential customers.

Overall, to make the product with your own roll former cannot only saves but also makes money for you. If you have large needs of the metal product, to purchase a cold roll former; if you have bundles of potential clients, to purchase a roll former. Do not hesitate, because one day delayed may bring one more competitor.

What shall be noted to buy a cold roll former?

cold roll forming machine

Before buying a cold roll former, you shall know something about it. A cold roll former, or cold roll forming machine, is a series process of shaping, punching, cutting and embossing etc. A piece of metal sheet, or continual steel coil has been fed into consecutive roll forming stands on the machine. Each stand consists of different rolling tools that bend the sheet gradually and finally the required shapes has been made. There are countless roll former manufacturers in the world, and it’s important to buy a reliable machine at right price. Try never hard to look for an European cold roll former at Indian’s price.

The machine’s price usually depends on the following factors:

What components the cold roll former has?

A cold roll former basically consists of decoiler, feeding unit, roll forming unit, cutting unit, output unit, and control unit. There are also some other components necessary for producing parts for special usage. Contact MTC to know more about what else components may be necessary.

How does the manufacturer design the machine?

There are so many different  roll forming machines designs that will have different prices. Usually two different products will need two different roll forming designs. However,sometimes one product can be made by different-designs cold roll former. For example, we can make C purlins by a traditional c purlin roll forming machine, and we can also make exaclty the same C purlins by a quick-change roll forming machine. Be sure to tell the manufacturer what you exactly want the machine to work so that they can give you the correct information and price.

How does the manufacturer build the machine?

Different manufacturers may build the cold roll former differently. Some build it poor, and some buid it strong. You can tell that from what materials they use for the cold roll former, how do they weld and paint the machine. The treatment of the rolling tools are also very important, like the rollers machining for example. More info about the machining for the cold roll former in article HOW DOES MACHINING OPERATION MATTER TO ROLLFORMING SOLUTIONS?

Overall, before buying the cold roll forming machine, you must fully understand what do you want this machine to do for you. Different designs, different components and different treatment will be applied for different purposes. You can’t get the right information about the roll former from your manufacturers unless you provide them the correct information about your requirements. You can check our article that may help you to make the right decision for purchasing the roll forming machine. HOW TO CHOOSE A RELIABLE ROLL FORMING MACHINE SUPPLIER IN CHINA?

MTC® is involved in manufacturing and supplying a large variety of cold roll former more than 10 years.  Its experienced and professional team is always here to help you get a reliable cold roll former at right price. Contact us whenever you have any questions about cold roll former.

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