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Clients from Span visited for the order of Cassette type roll forming machines

MTC had clients visited from Span this morning to discuss about the order of roll forming machine that could produce steel C, U and L section profiles on one machine and as both agreed that only a cassette type roll forming machine would be possible to do the job.

The section profiles are mainly applied in solar projects, and therefore only tiny tolerance for the dimensions and lengths of the final products can be acceptable. The raw material will be 4mm carbon steel or galvanized steel and the weight of the biggest coil would be approximately 10 metric tons. During the meeting, concluded is made after careful discussion that a roll forming machine with 4 cassettes is necessary, and gearboxes and universal joint shafts are used as the transmission tools. Non-stop tracking cutter also is required to reach high production speed.

roll forming machine

It is easy to produce different c shaped steel purlin with one cassette, but when it comes to too many profiles, the sizes and thickness range will have to be considered. Like a c purlin roll forming machine could handle with thickness from 1.6-3.2mm or 2.5-4mm (1.5mm would be the max difference); and also a c purlin machine can make profile 80-300 or 40-80 (it’s not possible to produce any profles between 40-300) because there is min.thickness requirement for rollers and min. distance between spacers.

There is punching option required before roll forming, and a high speed pressing machine, as mutually agreed, would be placed between decoiler and roll former, so the whole layout is gonna be decoiler, levelor, servo feeder, punching machine, feeding guide, roll forming, Turkey straightening machine, fly-saw cutter and pneumatic staker. The whole line is controled by Siemens PLC computer control box for the controlling of material feeding, plain sheet punching, roll forming and fly-saw cutting etc.

The meeting went well and there is a better understanding mutually between MTC and clients. According to clients, everything is clear, and they were quite satisfid with the machines designed by MTC. It could be seen and as we wish that the forthcoming event will be a great success for both our sides.

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