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Client Visited for Barrel Corrugatiton Sheet Machine

Clients from Ecuador visited MTC this morning for the order of barrerl type corrugated sheet machine which is requested to handle with materials of 0.15-0.2mm thickness.

The clients were originally looking for a roll forming mchine that could produce corrugated roofing sheets from the G550 hard material of thickness 0.15-0.2mm. After studying clients’ required profile and specific requests for machines, our engineer recommend a barrel corrugated sheet machine and a hydraulic cutting to length line which would completely satisfy clients’ all needs.

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A barrel corrugated sheet machine is a little bit different from corrugated sheet roll forming machine which produces corragted sheets, if said, in vertical direction, while a barrel type corrugation machine manufactures corrugation sheets in horizontal direction. A barrel corrugated sheet machine usually consists of two big forming rollers (common length 4meters and 6meters), two leveling rollers, a driven motor, and a control system, and the speed coud reach 10-12 pieces in a minute.

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