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IBR Sheet Roll Forming Machine

An IBR roofing sheet making machine is a roll forming equipment that produces metal roofing sheets with effective width 686mm or 890mm from Galvanized steel mostly for African markets.

IBR, abbreviated from “Inverted Box Rib”, usually applies for the outside cladding or roofing materials in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Besides, the raw material is mostly Galvanized steel with the thickness from 0.4mm-0.8mm, and the width 925mm and 1219mm.  The IBR sheet roll former and Corrugated sheet roll forming machine are TOP 10 metal roofing roll formers in African steel building industry.
The IBR metal roofing roll forming machine is particularly popular in Africa due to several factors. Firstly, IBR sheets are widely used in roofing applications across the continent.

The unique box rib design of IBR sheets provides enhanced structural integrity, making them suitable for various weather conditions, including heavy rainfall and strong winds, which are common in many African regions.
Additionally, IBR sheets are known for their durability and longevity, which is crucial in areas with harsh climates. They offer protection against UV radiation, corrosion, and extreme temperatures, making them a popular choice for roofing in Africa.

The IBR sheet making machine enables local manufacturing of IBR sheets, reducing the need for importation and ensuring a steady supply of roofing materials. This promotes local industry growth and employment opportunities.
Moreover, the machine allows for customization, accommodating different roof sizes and designs prevalent in African architecture. This flexibility meets the diverse roofing requirements across the continent.

Lastly, the affordability and cost-effectiveness of IBR sheets make them accessible to a wide range of customers, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The IBR sheet roll forming equipment plays a crucial role in meeting the high demand for roofing materials in Africa, contributing to the growth of the construction industry and infrastructure development in the region.

Brief Introduction of Roll Forming Machine for IBR Roofing Sheet

Generally, an IBR roof sheet roll forming equipment can easily produce the the metal roofing with Inverted Box Ribs. Like other metal sheet roll former,  roll forming machine for IBR roofing sheets has advanced PLC control system & Omron encoder and is capable to run both automatically and manually.

IBR sheeting roll forming machine is a common roof sheet roll forming machine, but the finished products are used mainly in South African market.Typically, there are two standard IBR sheet profiles, 686mm and 890mm effective widths. The raw materials would be 925mm and 1219mm width galvanized steel coils with 0.4-0.6mm material thickness.

Different forming stands structures are available for IBR roofing sheet roll forming machine, i.e. separate forming stands structure and conjoint forming stands structure.This roll forming machine roll forms IBR roof panel completely automatically. Only two operators can do all the jobs, from feeding, to the final exiting.

Technical Specification of IBR Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

  • Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler
  • Inner diameter: 508mm
  • Outer diameter: 1250mm.
  • Loading weight: 5TONs
  • Forming speed: 0—12m/min.
  • Forming steps: 16 stations
  • Material of Shafts: 45# high-quality steel
  • Diameter of Shafts: 70mm
  • Material of Roller: high quality 45#steel coated with hard chrome 0.05mm.
  • Thickness of Siding Plate: 18mm
  • Transmission: chains-sprockets
  • Motor Power:5.5 KW
  • Material of cutting blade: Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62
  • Hydraulic Power: 4 KW
  • Panasonic PLC Control system,touch screen, frequency converter
  • Voltage 380V/50HZ/3phase
IBR Sheet Roll Forming Machine,IBR Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

IBR sheet roll forming machines are typically used in industrial settings, such as steel fabrication plants or dedicated roll forming facilities. They can produce IBR roof panels in various widths, thicknesses, and lengths, depending on the specific machine's capabilities.

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“You’ve made such a great roll forming equipment that helps me complete my projects so much faster and easier. ”

We make things easy for projects.

Roll forming machine usually is always our first choice as long as we need to produce metal sheet or steel section products. A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc.

Roll forming machines have so many advantages over press brake and shearing machines! With rollforming equipment, we can save much more time, working area, money as well as labors.

There are numourous applications where we need a roll forming machine. For example, we need roll forming machines to produce metal roofing and wall/siding. We must use decking roll forming machines to produce metal or steel decking for roofing and floor. Guardrail roll forming machines are used for producing crash barriers or guard rails on highway construction. Besides, we can find in the markets c/z steel purlin roll forming machines, top hat purlin roll formers; stud and track roll former for light weight steel buildings; down pipe roll forming machines and roll forming machines for door products etc.

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