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Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine

trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine is a regular metal sheet roll former that produces metal roofing sheets or roof panels for both individual and industrial building.

Trapezoidal roofing sheets are the most popular metal roof panels not only for residential buildings but also for commercial or industrial buildings. People like to use low-profile trapezoidal sheets for elevation and IDT roofing, while for wide-span roofing and load-bearing structures, they tend to select high-profile trapezoidal sheets.In addition, trapezoidal sheets have other names in Africa as industrial trough IT4, IT5, IT6 roof profiles, therefore wo exactly same trapezoidal sheet roll former can barely be found in market.

Brief Introduction of Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine

This metal sheet roll forming machine produces trapezoidal sheets from colour prepainted steel coils, Galvanized steel coils, aluzinc sheets, and sometimes aluminium steel coils (aluminum roof panels are prefered in Nigeria). Generally, material thickness varies from 0.3 to 0.8mm, and width varies from 914mm to 1250mm.

A metal roofing roll forming machine for trapezoidal roof panels is adjustable for different feeding widths and it means we can make trapezoidal roof panels with different effective widths from width-different materials. However, a client will need two trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine to manufacture two panels at the same time.

Just like any other roof sheet roll formers, a regular trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine typically consists a manual decoiler, feeding guide unit, roll forming unit,hydraulic unit, cutting unit, control system and runout tables.

Running Test of Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine

There are different names for trapezoidal sheet roll forming machines in some regions or areas!  For example, in Africa, people like to call it aluminum or steel IDT Roofing Sheet roll forming machine, and sometime they give the name industrial trough IT4, IT5, IT6 roof sheet roll forming machine etc.

Technical Specifications of Trapezoidal Sheet Roll orming Machine

trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine
  • Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler (a Hydraulic decoiler is optional);
  • Inner diameter : 480-520mm;
  • Outer diameter: 1250mm;
  • Loading weight: 5TONS;
  • Material width: 914-1250mm;
  • Material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm (sometimes upto 1.5mm maximum, depends on techncial requirements);
  • Forming speed: 0-12m/min (high speed is optional as per request);
  • Forming stations: 16-22 forming stations (subject to the technical drawing of profiles)
  • Roll forming stands structure: conjoint type
  • Material of Roller: high quality 45#steel with the surface mirro polishing and coated with hard chrome 0.05mm.
  • Material of Shafts:45# high-quality steel;
  • Diameter of Shafts: 70mm (80-90mm if the thickness over 1mm);
  • Thickness of Siding Plate: 18mm;
  • Transmission: by chain-brackets;
  • Motor Power: 5.5 KW
  • Material of cutting blade:Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62 degrees
  • Hydraulic Power: 4KW;
  • Cutting Lengths and Quantities: Customer can set required lengths and quantites clients through the touch screen on PLC control box.
  • Cutting tolerance: +/-2mm
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and HMI
  • Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3phase
“You’ve made such a great roll forming equipment that helps me complete my projects so much faster and easier. ”

We make things easy for projects.

Roll forming machine usually is always our first choice as long as we need to produce metal sheet or steel section products. A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc.

Roll forming machines have so many advantages over press brake and shearing machines! With rollforming equipment, we can save much more time, working area, money as well as labors.

There are numourous applications where we need a roll forming machine. For example, we need roll forming machines to produce metal roofing and wall/siding. We must use decking roll forming machines to produce metal or steel decking for roofing and floor. Guardrail roll forming machines are used for producing crash barriers or guard rails on highway construction. Besides, we can find in the markets c/z steel purlin roll forming machines, top hat purlin roll formers; stud and track roll former for light weight steel buildings; down pipe roll forming machines and roll forming machines for door products etc.

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 metal sheet roll forming machine is designed to produce roof panels, roofing step tiles and wall cladding sheets with different models, like IBR roofing sheets, corrugated roofing sheets, trapezoidal roof panels, IDT roofing sheets, Russian type 1100 metal step tiles, klip-lok 406 and klip-lok 700, KR18/KR24 standing seam roofing, BEMO roof sheets, and concealed fixing roofing sheets etc.
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