MTC has finished the production of a BIG WAVE corrugated roof sheet roll forming machine for making sinusoidal roof sheets from 1000m width steel coils.

corrugated roof sheet roll forming machine
Corrugated sheet roll forming machine

This corrugated roof sheet roll forming machine is now ready for delivery. Generally, the whole machine consists of manual decoiler, feeding guide, roll former, cutting unit, hydraulic oil pump, control cabinet and run-out table. Very simple as it is, all the client needs to do is to set required length and quantities on the touch screen, and the corrugated roof sheet roll forming machine will start automatic production accordingly.

corrugated roof panel roll forming machine
big wave corrugated sheet roll forming machine

Typically, the raw material for the corrugated roof sheet roll forming machine is PPGI, GI steel coils of thickness from 0.3-0.8mm and width 1000mm. The finished product has 7 waves of 35mm wave height and 130 wave distance. The final products from this BIG WAVE corrugated roofing roll forming machine doesn’t work just as the roofing, but also as the walls for commercial or residential metal building or houses.

Unlike the traditional corrugated sheet roll forming machine, this BIG WAVE corrugated sheet roll forming machine has bigger shafts and more roll forming stations. As a result, this machine weighs heavier and extends longer. Besides, it has bigger power motor.

General Parameters of Corrugated Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine:

  • Raw Material Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
  • Raw Material Width:1000mm
  • Main Motor Power: 7.5 KW
  • Forming stations: 24 stations
  • Rolling stands structure: conjoint type forming tools structure
  • Machine Frame stand: Welded structural steel
  • Thickness of Fame Steel: 18mm
  • Material of Roller:  45# steel, Polished and coated with 0.05mm Chrome Surface.
  • Shaft Material: High grade 45# steel
  • Diameter of shafts: 75mm
  • Cutting tool: Hydraulic cutter
  • Material of cutting dies: Cr12 steel
  • Hydraulic power for cutting: 4KW
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder

Layout of the Corrugated Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Decoiling-Feeding guide-Roll forming-Hydraulic Cutting-Runout table

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