rolling shutter roll forming machine
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Top 10 Metal Roll Former: Rolling Shutter Roll Forming Machine

The last one of top 10 Metal roll former would goes to rolling shutter roll forming machine. Thousands of years have passed, we’ve witnessed the innovation of sorts of doors. At the current stage, the only common door this planet shares would be rolling shutter doors.

In whatever corner on the earth, developed countries, developing counties or undeveloped countries, rolling shutter doors are everywhere. However, not everybody uses the same roller shutter doors. For example, in developed countries, people prefer PU insulated rolling shutter door for Shop, Garage, Warehouse and even office buildings etc. But in other areas, we may see rolling shutter doors joint with single steel slats or just panels. Overall, any country in the world may use different rolling shutters, buy they all use rolling shutters.

rolling shutter doors

The popularity of rolling shutters pushes rolling shutter roll forming machine in the rank of TOP 10 metal roll formers. As people use different roller shutters, there are different rolling shutter roll forming machine. The top 3 well-known shutter machines are as below.

rolling shutter roll forming machine

Single Slat Rolling Shutter  Roll Forming Machine

rolling shutter slats

Single roller shutter slat means the slats roll formed from galvanized steel or colour steel without PU insulation. The raw materials are typically 0.6-1.2mm GI steel or PPGI steel. There are so many different sizes of single slats that it’s not possible to list all roll formers. Generally, one regular single rolling shutter slat roll forming machine can make only one slats, with punching holes optional.

As per requests, there are hole-mesh rolling shutter slats as well, the sheets pressed for hole-mesh before roll forming to slats.  These slats are applied for the sake of ventilation.

ventilation rolling shutter slat

Therefore, a regular Single rolling shutter slat roll forming machine may consist of decoiling, optional pressing system for hole-mesh, feeding unit, roll forming, cutting unit, and control unit.

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Rolling Shutter Panel Roll Forming Machine

Another type of roller shutter are made of roll formed panels from Pre-painted steel. The material for the panels are usually Colour steel, input width 1000mm, and thickness 0.4-0.6mm.  Different from Slat-shutters, the Panel-shutters consist of 4-8 pieces (depending on the door height) Colorful, blue colour mostly, roll formed panels . Compared to Slat-shutters, Panel-sutters have better looking and better prices.

However, the rolling shutter roll forming machine making shutter panels are much longer, wider and heavier than shutter slat machine. They both have similar components, but the Shutter-panel roll forming machine don’t make ventilation and hole Panel-shutters.

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PU Roller Shutter Slat Production Line


PU roller shutter slat is the slat with PU insulation, and the raw materials are mostly Aluminum, some Galvanized steel. It look much the same like the single shutter slat door, however the core is different: PU insulation. Single shutter slats has nothing insulation, and while PU shutter slat looks more like a sandwich, two single slats at top and bottom with PU foam in the middle.

The production equipment for PU rolling shutter slat is not just a roll former. It’s a whole automatic PU rolling shutter slat production line. The line includes decoiling, roll forming unit, PU foaming unit, heating-insulation unit, cutting unit, control unit, and exiting table. The PU rolling shutter slats are more popular in Europe and American markets for the weather and apperance reason.

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