Mr. Senarath Bandara and Mr. Ajith Wickramarachchi visited MAXON yesterday morning to discuss face to face about the order of roll formers and some auxiliary equipments, like slitting machine and curving machin etc.

This client is looking for high quality equipments and there are four roll forming machines required, i.e. quick change c/z purlin roll forming machine, metal roof tile roll forming machine, roof panel roll forming machine and wall cladding roll forming machine, and also a mini slitting machine and hydraulic crimping curved machine are also required.

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The raw material the client is going to use is G550 colour steel for  the propduction of roof panel and wall cladding, and the material width is 940mm and thickness is 0.3-0.5mm; for metal roof tiles, the material will be G350 colour steel with 1220mm width and 0.45mm thickness, and for c & z steel purlins, the material is Cold rolled steel and galvanized steel with 1.6-3mm thickness.

The interchangeable c and z steel purlin roll forming machine consists of a manual decoiler, leveler, transmission system (hydraulic transmission), roll forming system, quick-change system, punching and cutting system and control system; this machine produces different c and z steel purlins without changing anything. All the operation or action could be done through the PLC computer control system, except only for the quick change from C to Z (only around 10 minutes).

The roof panel roll forming machine and wall cladding roll forming machine are the simplest machines with components manual decoiler, roll foring part, transmission part, hydraulic system, cutting system and control system, and the metal roof tile roll forming machine has an extra punching system.


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