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Custom Roll Forming Machine for Your Special Projects

It is a kind of machine that manufactures steel (metal) products. Custom roll forming machine is the roll former for industrial application, instead of daily purposes. A regular roll former produces steel building materials, while custom roll forming machine works for something else.

In our page about roll forming applications, we can see almost all the applications where roll forming machines are needed. However, in our daily life, we can see roll forming machines mostly for residential purposes. Apart from the daily usage, we will need CUSTOM ROLL FORMING MACHINES for special use, like auto industry, racking industry and electrical industry etc.

elevator guide rail roll forming machineA custom roll forming machine may be different from a regular roll forming machine. It has different rolling tools,  possibly it has different designs and components as well. In addition, a custom roll forming machine may require professional operators. Therefore, one should keep in mind to make clear all deatils before purchasing a custom roll forming machine.

For example, when someone is buying an IBR sheet roll forming machine, apart from the affordable price and machine quality, all he needs to consider is the finished IBR sheets. He just focuses on the dimensions, the cutting lengths and quantities of the IBR sheets. However, for a custom roll forming machine, he needs to watch something else. Take a door frame for instance. When you buy a door frame roll forming machine, you need to consider the punching position, cutting angles, other than the profiles.

However, there is something in common they both share. Like a regular roll forming machine, a custom roll former has also two modes of running i.e. automatic and manual. Automatic custom roll forming machines make products on the default pattern while operators can manipulate the in manual mode.

cassette type roll forming machine

How to buy a Custom Roll Forming Machine

Before buying a custom roll forming machine, you shall make sure the following things: the material used for the body of roll, efficiency of machines, it should be corrosion resistance with enhances life service. One of the best machinery MTC is specialized in producing is custom roll former.

MTC specializes in building and designing various custom roll formers with high performance, perfect finishing, high efficient and easy maintenance and robust in construction. The roll forming machines manufactured by MTC are easy and hassle free to use.

stud and track roll forming machineIn addition, MTC offers compact body cold roll former resistant to rust with enhanced services life. Easy installation, high tolerance, and low power consumption are additional qualities of these custom roll forming machines. The cold roll forming machine MTC designs works on De-coiler, hydraulic station, PLC control system. And even, with the development of technology, MTC now presents the most advanced and innovation technology.

Highway guardrail roll forming machine

Briefly speaking, it is a kind of custom roll forming machines used in highway construction industries for safety purpose. Here is how one can select perfect highway guardrail roll forming machines for making crash barriers at reliable quality. While purchasing a good machine, it should be kept in mind that machines must meet technology requirement as per industry guidelines. Highway guardrail roll forming machine must not only be durable, but it should ensure quality check at the very phase of production until the final products come out.3 wave highway guardrail roll former

The materials for making highway guard rails or crash barriers are typically GI steel with thickness from 1.6mm-3.2mm. Therefore, the crash barrier roll forming machine must be a heavy-duty roll forming machine. There are standard guardrail profiles, and also custom guardrail profiles. Despited the same working process, different techniques or configurations can still work on a custom highway guardrail roll forming machine. Common differences are the stands structures, transmission methods, punching solutions and rolling tools etc.

As a leading custom roll forming machine manufacturer, MTC ensures the machines with corrosion resistance, enhanced services life, perfect compact design, rigid construction, easy installation, high tolerance and, of course, low power consumption. Please contact MTC if you have need to produce a custom piece of product.

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