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Hollow Elevator Roller Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine

In order to delveop new technology, MTC just designed and built an elevator roller guide rail roll forming machine for the manufacturing of various elevator roller guide rails and this machine is completed, working great and now for sale.

The elevator roller guide rail roll forming machine is a specialized industrial equipment used in the manufacturing of elevator guide rails. Elevator guide rails are essential components in elevator systems, providing a smooth and secure path for the elevator car and ensuring safe and efficient vertical transportation within buildings.

The roll forming process is employed to produce the guide rails, which are typically made from high-quality steel or other suitable materials with precise dimensions and structural integrity. The roll forming machine is designed to transform flat metal coils into the specific shape and profile required for the guide rails.

Brief Introduction about the elevator roller guide rail roll forming machine:

The produced elevator roller guide rails have advantages like high precision dimensions and well straightness etc.The finished products of this Elevator Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine are largely used in making elevator, but somtimes also they can be applied as door or windows frames, shelves, or others steel sections.

elevator roller guide rail roll forming machine
Elevator Roller Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine
Here’s an overview of the process and features of the elevator roller guide rail roll forming machine:
Material Feeding: The process starts by feeding a continuous metal strip (usually in coil form) into the machine. The material used is selected for its durability, strength, and resistance to wear, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable guide rail.

Roll Forming: The metal strip passes through a series of rollers and dies, each carefully designed to gradually shape the flat strip into the desired profile of the elevator guide rail. This process involves a sequence of bending, shaping, and forming actions, resulting in the distinctive “T”-shaped cross-section of the guide rail.

Precision and Consistency: The roll forming machine is engineered with high precision to ensure the accurate formation of the guide rail profile throughout the entire length. This consistency is crucial to guarantee proper alignment and smooth operation of the elevator car.

Computerized Controls: Many modern elevator roller guide rail roll formers are equipped with computerized controls, allowing operators to set and adjust the machine settings easily. This capability enables the production of guide rails in various sizes and specifications to suit different elevator models and building requirements.

Post-Cut and Stacking: After the metal strip undergoes the roll forming process, a flying shear or a post-cut system is employed to cut the guide rails to the desired lengths. The finished guide rails are then stacked or bundled for packaging and transportation.

Safety Features: Safety is paramount in any industrial process, and the elevator roller guide rail roll forming machine is no exception. Emergency stop buttons, protective guards, and safety sensors are integrated into the machine design to ensure the well-being of operators and prevent accidents.

Technical Specifications of this Elevator Roller Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine:

1. Main parameter
(1) Feeding Width: Subject to profile drawing;
(2) Material Thickness:1.6-3.0mm
(3) Raw Material: cold rolled steel coils(Q235)
(4) Number of Rollers: 25 stations;
(5) Material of roller: Gcr15 bearing steel with quenching and chrome coating treatment;
(6) Rolling speed: 12-15m/min
(7) Diameter of coil: Φ80mm
(8) Weight of coil: ≤10 T
(9) Voltage: 380V/50HZ

2. Main parts
(1) Manual Decoiler: 1 set
(2) Guiding Device: 1 set
(3) Roll Forming Machine: 1 set
(4) Cutter: 1 set
(5) PLC Control System: 1 set
(6) Run-out Table: 3 pcs
(7) Safety Barrier : 1 set

In conclusion, the elevator guide rail roll forming machine plays a vital role in the elevator industry, producing high-quality guide rails with precision and efficiency. These guide rails are critical components that enable safe and reliable vertical transportation in buildings, making the roll forming machine an indispensable part of modern elevator manufacturing.

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