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Metal floor deck roll forming machine was loaded for delivery

On Jan 5th of 2017, we delivered the first equipment to our domestic client in the new year-a steel deck roll forming machine designed for the production of metal floor decks. 

steel decking roll forming machine

Brief introduction of this metal floor deck roll forming machine:

This steel deck roll forming machine has 28 forming stations, 2 motors of 11KW for each, and was designed to produce the floor deck for Chinese markets. There will be concrete filled after the produced metal floor decks are well installed. Usually there are two roll forming parts designed for a metal floor deck roll forming machine because the stations are too many and length is too big, and a 2-part roll forming part machine could save transporation costs.

Main components for this steel deck roll forming machine are listed as manual de-coiler, feeding guide with an electrical entry shear of motor power 0.75KW, two pieces of roll forming parts, transmission system, cutting system, hydraulic system, PLC controly system and runout tables. A 5TON hydraulic decoiler and an auto stacking machine for 6m or 12m deck sheets are optional as per requests.

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