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Octagon Pipe Roll Forming Machine

Octagon pipe roll forming machine is an equipment that manufactures the octagonal axes of roundel for rolling shutter doors that is assembled by steel slats or metal sheet panels.
As an auxiliary equipment to rolling shutter door roll forming machines, the octagon pipe roll forming machine is not required as often as a slat or panel roll forming machine is, but it’s a necessary roll forming machine because all rolling shutter doors have to be pushed up or pulled down along the roundel, and the axe (octagon/octagonal pipe) is the core component on a roundel.
Octagon pipe roll forming machine is built with individual stands structure and fly-saw tracking cutter to ensure the roll forming accuracy and cutoff accuracy. PLC control system is used to ensure the automation of the whole production process, and gearbox transmission is applied to ensure the stability and speed of production. We also provide customised options for roll formed profiles, roll forming stands structure and transmission method.

By utilizing an octagon pipe roll forming machine, manufacturers can streamline the production process, reduce labor costs, and achieve consistent and high-quality octagon pipes. These pipes can be further processed, such as welding, surface finishing, or assembly, depending on the specific application requirements.

Overall, the octagon pipe roll forming machine plays a crucial role in producing octagon pipes efficiently, accurately, and with consistent quality, meeting the diverse needs of industries that utilize octagonal-shaped pipes in their products or projects.

Brief Introduction of Octagon Pipe Roll Forming Machine

The raw materials for octagon pipe usually are galvanized steel or cold rolled steel of thicikness 0.4-0.8mm and the widths depend on the required octagonal pipes or tubes that is used as the axes of rolling shutter roundels.

An octagon pipe roll forming machine usually consists of a manual decoiler, a pressing unit for holes, a roll forming unit, a cutting unit, control unit, and transmission unit. It can be running both automatically and manually under the PLC computer control system.

The roll forming machine is designed to shape metal coils into octagon pipes through a continuous roll forming process. It typically consists of multiple sets of rollers and forming stations, which gradually shape the metal strip or coil into the desired octagonal profile. The machine applies pressure and gradually bends the material to achieve the desired shape and dimensions.

Octagon pipe roll forming machine offers versatility in terms of size, thickness, and material compatibility. They can handle various types of metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. The machines often incorporate features such as automated feeding, cutting, and length control systems, ensuring efficient production and precise dimensions.

Technical Specifications of Octagon Pipe Roll Forming Machine

octagon pipe roll forming machine
  • Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler
  • Inner diameter: 508mm
  • Outer diameter: 1200mm
  • Material Thickness: 0.4-0.6mm
  • Diameter of the pipe: 40mm;
  • Loading weight: 1 TON;
  • NC Feeder
  • Feeding Width: 100-200mm;
  • Feeding Distance: Adjustable;
  • Feeding Speed: 12-15m/min;
  • 35T Pressing Machine
  • Main Motor Power: 3KW
  • Dimension: 9600mm*1050mm*2000mm
  • Forming speed: 0-15m/min.
  • Forming steps: 21 stations;
  • Diameter of Shafts: 70mm
  • Material of Roller: high quality 45# steel with heat and quenching treatment and surface of rollers mirror polished and chrome coated;
  • Motor Power:7.5KW
  • Tracking cutter without stopping;
  • Motor power: 1.5kw
  • Tolerance of cutting length:+/-2mm
  • PLC Control Box: 700mmx1000mmx300mm
  • Control System: Panasonic PLC, Frequency Converter
  • Encoder: Omron Brand
  • Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
“You’ve made such a great roll forming equipment that helps me complete my projects so much faster and easier. ”

We make things easy for projects.

Roll forming machine usually is always our first choice as long as we need to produce metal sheet or steel section products. A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc.

Roll forming machines have so many advantages over press brake and shearing machines! With rollforming equipment, we can save much more time, working area, money as well as labors.

There are numourous applications where we need a roll forming machine. For example, we need roll forming machines to produce metal roofing and wall/siding. We must use decking roll forming machines to produce metal or steel decking for roofing and floor. Guardrail roll forming machines are used for producing crash barriers or guard rails on highway construction. Besides, we can find in the markets c/z steel purlin roll forming machines, top hat purlin roll formers; stud and track roll former for light weight steel buildings; down pipe roll forming machines and roll forming machines for door products etc.

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Octagon Pipe Roll Forming Machine, Octagonal Pipe Machine

An Octagon pipe roll forming machine is a specialized machine used for manufacturing octagonal-shaped pipes. Octagon pipes are hollow structural components with eight sides, often used in various applications such as furniture, decorative items, and construction.

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