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A Standing Seam Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine is Completed.

We just completed the production of a bemo sheet roll forming machine designed for the manufacturing of 450/400-65 standing seam roof panels fully automatically.

YX450/400-65 Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine

The order was place middle of November, 2016. 50 days have passed and now all the equipment (a bemo sheet roll forming machine, an electrical curving machine and an electrical seaming machine) stands ready now for shipping. MAXON ensures that all products can be finished on time with all mutually agreed specifications, terms and conditions requests well satisfied.

Client will produce bemo roofing with 1.2mm thickness aluminum and 0.8mm thickness galvanized steel by this standing seam roll forming machine. Together with this roll forming machine, client ordered an electrical curving machine which is used to produce curved bemo sheets (it can be convex or concave curving); as well as an electrical seaming machine that could lock or fix automatically two bemo roofing on clips.

Electrical curving machine for BEMO ROOFING

This bemo sheet roll forming machine has been designed for the production of straight bemo roofing of 450/50 profile and 400/50 profile at the same machine. Usually one bemo sheet roll forming machine can make one profile only, but the same stiffening ribs specifications on different bemo sheets would offer our engineer possiblity to creat only one machine for more bemo roof panels. And the change from 400/65 to 450/65 will be made through the changing of spacers installed between rolling tools.

Main components for this standing seam roof panel roll forming machine are listed as: a 5TON manual decoiler, feeding guide for materials of different thickness, roll forming part,transmission system, a hydraulic cutter, a PLC control cabinet, a hydraulic oil pump and 3 pieces of runout tables.

More info about our bemo sheet roll forming machine.

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