The KR24 standing seam roofing sheet roll forming machine, known also as LR24 roof panel roll forming machine was loaded intoto a 40’HQ container yesterday.

This roll forming machine is the second KR24/LR24 standing seam roof panel roll forming machine that we export to Mexico in the year 2015, and together with the roll forming machine, there are manual decoiler, hydraulic oil pump, PLC control box, run-out tables and a tool box.

KR24/LR24 standing seam roofing sheet roll forming machine

This roll forming machine produces 610 standing seam roofing sheets that lock each other through a seam lock machine. The shipping cost from China to Mexico will be doubled since 15th September, so we shipped this machine before the freight changes. This roll forming machine used Siemens PLC control and everything can be controled through the touch screen on the control box, such as required quantities and cutting lenght etc.

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