One of the most common roll formed products in our daily life are metal roofing sheet, and today we are discussing about the glazed tile roll forming machine.

Compared to other metal roofing sheets, glazed roof tiles have different steps that look like traditional clay roof tiles, and therefore a glazed tile roll forming machine has one more prodcedure than a regular metal roof panel roll forming machine does-glazed steps pressing.

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A regular metal roof panel roll forming machine consists of decoiler, feeding guide, roll forming part, transmission part, hydraulic part, cutting part and control part, while glazed roof tile roll forming machine has an extra pressing part for the production of steps on the finished roof sheets.

The depth, lengths and quantities of steps are variable and adjustable through the PLC control system and for the rest working functions, they are exactly the same as a common roof panel roll forming machine; the pressing part is driven by hydraulic pump, so the hydraulic part/power is much bigger than a regular roof sheet roll former, heavier and longer;

All of glazed tile roll forming machines made by MAXON are designed and built exactly as per clients’ needs, so if you could provide a sectional drawing of the tiles you’d like to produce, MAXON would manufacture a roll forming machine that makes the glazed roof step tiles exactly the same as the drawing.

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