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Rollforming application in metal industrial construction.

Most of time roll forming solution is the best choice in the metal industry construction for metal/steel section materials compared to other metal fabrication equipment thanks to the automation or continuous running of metal roll forming equipment.

The commonly used metal fabrication equipment for the production of sheet metal or steel section profiles are sheet metal press brake, metal sheet shearing machine, press machine, straightening machine and roll formers etc. However, a roll former line usually can do all the jobs, like bending, cutting, pressing for holes, straightening and even stacking. All the performance can be made completely automatically and that’s why a roll forming machine will come to the mind as long as a metal section profiles are required.

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This interchangeable c/z steel purlin roll forming machine consists a decoiler, feeding guide, leveler, roll forming system, punching/pressing system, cuttying system, and control system. It could produce c and z steel sections from the size 80-300mm with punching holes and sizes adjustment fully automatically. Withouth this roll forming machine, people will have to use a decoiler, a metal sheet shearing machine, a punching/pressing machine, and a press brake, particularly manual operation for a few actions to bend for C or Z steel sections.

A cold roll former can do a better job becuase the section will be made gradually or continuously, and during the process other performance can be made, so it greatly save time, money and working space for customers. We have to admit that other metal fabrication equipment are necessary in some cases and cannot be replaced, but roll formers are really important tools and sometimes the best tools that could help us in metal fabrication industry.

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