MTC is a roll forming machine manufacturer that provides full turnkey roll forming solution for your metal construction projects, like cold roll forming, sheet metal slitting, auto stacking, cut to length, metal bending and embossinig etc.

Roll forming involves decoiling a long strip of metal, most of time a roll metal or steel coil, and passing it through several continuous rows of rollers set up in a long line. It is performed at room temperature, hence the moniker ‘cold’ is often dropped. Roll forming at room temperature maintains or even improves the properties of the feedstock material.

Each roll stand adds a small additional forming step to the strip, so that by the end of the line, the width of the strip has been formed into the required cross-sectional shape, which can then be cut into the desired lengths. The more complex the shape to be formed, the more roller stands are necessary can be added, and at MTC, 40 stands is not unusual. The finished shape is generally called a roll formed section, a profile or sometimes just a steel pipe.

Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer
Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming is a fantastic way of economically adding features along the length of the section (something not possible with extrusion). Before the steel strip enters the forming rollers, features such as slots, holes, embosses, or even captive nuts can be automatically, and extremely accurately placed along the length of the strip, removing the need and cost of these processes at a later stage. MTC customers enjoy lowering their own production costs by taking advantage of MTC’s capabilities.

The cold roll former MTC has designed is capable of producing parts like roofing/wall cladding sheets, angles, stud and track, channels, guide rails, and other custom shaped profiles etc, and delivered to your facility ready to use. There are many applications where a cold roll forming machine is needed, but generally 8 catagories are common. Each type of roll forming machine provides rapid, continuous production of your cold-formed steel components in any lengths. Cold roll former can be fed from coil as part of a line, or in their simplest form they can be strip-fed or sheet-fed cold roll former.

As a professional and experienced roll forming machine manufacturer, MTC can cold roll form metals from 0.3mm to 5.2mm thick, which allows us to create very delicate steel profiles for products such as filter vanes, up to hefty safety-related products such as roll-over protection profiles for cabs (ROPS/FOPS sections).

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